Skype Founders Build a Delivery Bot That Rides On Sidewalks

Some of the founders of Skype have come together and formed Starship Technologies, a cutting edge startup company with an interesting opening...
  1. Night

    The future is now people. Gone are the days where the milkman was actually a man who delivered milk, eggs and the daily paper to your doorstep with a smile and a "how do you do?" Now we have robots of all kinds, eager to do the same for a fraction of the cost, albeit with less friendliness.

    Introducing Starship Technologies, an upstart company in the robot world with some founders who are anything but. Formed by two of Skypes co-founders, Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis in 2014, Starship Technologies aim is "to do for cargo delivery what Skype did for telecommunications". The most exciting part? They plan to eventually make it free.

    Let's talk about their version of a cargo delivery robot. While we've seen other companies such as Amazon and Walmart, eagerly awaiting the release of drones to deliver items by air, Starship Technologies has decided to take a more pedestrian approach. Instead of dealing with the common issues involved with anything autonomous that can also fly, they've went with a design that travels via the sidewalk. The company claims that they are 99% autonomous, meaning that while they are capable of getting to and from their destination by themselves, they will still be monitored at all times in case of any error.

    Each robot is capable of carrying up to 20 lbs. of groceries, which is about two bags full. Certainly not an alternative to going out to the store and stocking up enough food for a few weeks, but handy for when you just need a few things and don't feel like going out due to sickness or whatever else.

    The robots are able to travel at a speed of 4 miles per hour, can merge with traffic, yield to signs and lights and safely cross streets all on their own. The cargo bay is locked during transit and can only be unlocked by the buyers mobile phone (it's assumed that this is via mobile app or some form of code that is sent to your phone.)

    The biggest limitation right now is distance, they can only go so far on a charge which in turn, really limits the reach of deliveries. To combat this, Starship Technologies plans to add hubs to any store interested in the program. The hubs are where the robots will be loaded for delivery and where they will return to charge and be cleaned up if necessary. With the addition of more hubs around cities, the delivery radius will increase, which means that success for this idea will rely a lot on the support of local and chain stores. The main goal here is to stop all those "last mile" deliveries made by large trucks that are just eating gas like crazy. The idea is that instead those trucks could drop off their cargo at the hubs, to be sent out and delivered by the far more environmentally friendly cargo bots.

    Another big obstacle is getting approval and laws set up for these robots. While the company hasn't really mentioned any hang ups concerning the legal status of self driving robots, it's safe to assume that there will need to be some changes to at least city laws before we see them zipping around town carrying loads of goods. Because this is a fairly new field that's being explored, the rules tend to be a little gray, which can cause serious setbacks for companies in this day and age. Hopefully the old pros from Skype will have the experience needed to keep that from happening.

    So what do you guys think? Would you use, or trust, a service like this? 20 lbs. of groceries may not sound like much, but with the cost of certain items those two bad being delivered could be worth a pretty penny, do you think you would take the chance of someone snatching your goods? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Mr_NextGen
    what if some one finessed it
    1. Night
      Can't do it.
    2. Night
      I mean you could but you'd be taped and caught easily.
    3. Mr_NextGen
      LMAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOA, what a savage if some one did
  2. 3xTiNcT
    Seems easy to rob just like those drones.
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    2. Night
      Yeah having deliveries done by a battery powered RC car instead of a giant diesel or gas truck would make a huge difference.
    3. 3xTiNcT
      I like the idea, but it has some flaws. It would be nice if it was a bit faster too.
    4. Claws
      I'd assume once the technology furthers, the speed would increase. Stealing something from this would be a federal crime since it's mail. Like Night said, it's basically a walking safe. Anyone with the gonads to steal one would be seen on camera, in person and probably wouldn't even get into it. I'd imagine there's also a GPS of some kind to track down the person who stole it.
  3. Fanfare
    They better make them self righting as well. Be sure I'll tip one over if I ever see it.
    1. Night
      The general consensus here is that most of you are a******s lol.
    2. Fanfare
      Well, I carry my groceries in a ruck sack. Up to a months worth fits. And I've always gotten it done via foot.
      I'm not the one who votes in laws making it illegal to operate a bicycle on a sidewalk, and I'd be p'd to share a bike lane with a lazy man's robot.
  4. TKtoastie
    4 mph is about how fast a person walks so I can totally see it fitting in with pedestrian traffic. However, my concern with this idea is how the robot would react during rush hour in a congested city. With so many cars and people rushing to get home, I feel like the delivery speed will to be greatly reduced for 4 mph to prevent accidents.
  5. Visio
    Most roads in my city doesn't have sidewalks lmao
    1. Bentton
      Same, just put some off-road tries on it and raise suspension and make your own "sidewalk".
  6. Bentton
    Very silly , to it would cause a lot of trouble for people who forgot to buy bananas while at the store. If these things only go 4mph it's basically a bicyclist . And their a pain enough, we don't need any more obsticals,distractions in the road .
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    2. Bentton
      I never bike , but that was the only thing I could compare it too. Cause if I said a turtle that'd probaly a bit slower .
    3. Fanfare
      It's about walking speed, depending on a person's physical fitness.
    4. Bentton
      I bet people will trick them out put some hydrolics on the bot w/ custom rims . Pulling some los santos customs ****
  7. RGF
    If I ever see one of these I'm going to blow it up or take it
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    1. Night
      Which would be a felony or whatever the equivalent is in your country, most likely landing you a hefty fine and years in prison.
    2. RGF
      Or flip it over so it can't move.
    3. Bentton
      I'd shoot it , it's not a felony if no one knows.
  8. televisedfool
    I'm really liking these new drones and robots coming from companies for various different tasks. The day a robot / drone delivers me my mail my life will finally be complete. :roflmao:
      Salus likes this.
  9. SomeGayGamer
    If I can't ride me segway on a pavement or road legally, what makes these companies think they're going to get the go ahead? In my opinion These Skype Robots won't make it to England's pavements, and the Amazon Drones won't make it into UK airspace.
      Fanfare likes this.
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    2. Weeb
      Nah the UK is backwards as f***, our prime minister has tried to ban porn several times.
    3. Night
      LOL surely there are better things to concern yourself with.
    4. Four Quid
      Our prime minister is a posh Twit.... No one likes these posh scum, as they only really care about them selves. They even sound like twits.