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Siege's Server Issues Are Starting to Bitter the Experience

The connectivity problems players have been experiencing while playing Rainbow Six: Siege lately are starting to ruin the fun for fans of the game.
  1. OctaVariuM
    Image Credit: User "NZSLI" on the Ubisoft forums

    Rainbow Six: Siege
    was one of my favorite games of 2015. In fact, it got the number one spot on my Top 5 list of multiplayer games I wrote just a few days ago. However, over the last few weeks some issues with the game have been cropping up that are starting to majorly distract from the fun.

    Siege isn’t a stranger to server issues. From the time the wide-release beta was announced to the time it closed, players were clamoring on message boards and on social media about load time issues, match delays, and issues connecting to the Ubisoft servers. These issues were rolled over to its official release, where players continued to experience slow servers and troubles with the matchmaking queue.

    There is even one issue that seems to be specific to Xbox One, where players get an error code while trying to connect to the game after launching, This has still not been fixed despite it being an issue that’s been occurring since the game’s release. In addition, a few other error codes have shown up, booting players from both casual and ranked matches in progress, meaning they forfeit the in-game currency “renown,” which used to buy new operators, skins, and weapon attachments. Not only that, but players who are booted from ranked play suffer penalties to their placement and when they can queue up, causing even more frustration on top of losing out on renown.

    Unfortunately, tensions between players and Ubisoft are now reaching their boiling point. With the recent influx of players due to the holiday season granting more people the opportunity to play Siege, many gamers have noticed an uptick in the time it takes to find matches. Usually, this would be mildly annoying on its own, but compounded on top of the game’s already noted server issues, it’s causing players to flat out quit playing the game until the servers are fixed.

    One thing I’ve noticed recently is the inability to play with four people in a party. For some reason, two people is fine, three people works normally, but as soon as a fourth person enters the party, I’m unable to find games altogether. Sometimes, it will match us with the one extra person we need to have a full five-man squad, but then it won’t find opponents. Other times, the game simply sits as a loading screen, causing us to restart the game entirely in order to try again since there is no prompt to head back to the main screen.

    This kind of issue is honestly unacceptable for a Triple-A title like Siege. Ubsioft has had loads of problems in recent years with its games, but I had high hopes that Siege would be different since it is a multiplayer-only game, and Ubsioft hasn’t had many issues with their servers in the past to my knowledge. I was wrong.

    What annoys me the most about the situation is how little the community has heard from Ubisoft in regards to the connectivity issues. They have posted to their company forums a handful of times mentioning vague technical issues, but this hasn’t been informative or helpful for fans. They also occasionally post replies to threads on /r/rainbow6, but they are few and far between. Finally, today we got some sort of recognition of the issues from Ubisoft, when they said:

    Image Credit: /u/Zoxin57 on Reddit​

    Still, there is no timetable for when their fixes will go live. It’s frustrating to say the least that my friends and I can’t really play the game we all enjoy and fell in love with without dealing with a ton of connection problems and slow matchmaking times. I know the trend in games lately has been releasing half-finished games and hoping no one will notice and nothing will horribly break (I’m looking at you 343….), but we as gamers and consumers should hold studios accountable for their decisions. I even bought the season pass to support Ubisoft since I enjoyed the game so much, but I'm regretting that decision in light of recent events.

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  1. Kabal
    I'm not surprised played the beta and it was a good game when I could play the game constant server issues and getting kicked out or losing connection for no reason Damn it Ubisoft this game had so much potential.
  2. SomeGuyWithHPV
    I've recently come into contact with the most annoying glitch ever. Players defending the objective have found a way to exit the building during the recon drone mode. The defenders now look for the possible spawn zone, chuck some C4 (or whatever) into the spawn area, and blow it up as soon as the round starts and you spawn in.

    Needs to be fixed ASAP it's game ruining.
  3. IamTheMuffinMan
    Starting? I was over the game after 30 minutes.
    1. Modder v7
      It was really that bad?
  4. SomeGuyWithHPV
    I'd rather them fix me glitching into one place and not being able to move. I haven't had much trouble with the connectivity though.
    1. View previous replies...
    2. SomeGuyWithHPV
      You have saved My virtual life. Thank you!
    3. VinnyHaw
      there's been only 1 time I haven't seen that work for someone, but he ended up glitching through the wall
    4. SomeGuyWithHPV
      It's still annoying but not game ruining like the problem I just posted above.
  5. 3xTiNcT
    I'm surprised to see there's been server issues because most my friends that got it haven't had any issues recently.
  6. Red58
    Boobisoft servers strike again...
    1. Modder v7
      After looking at your profile pic and then reading the sentence, I couldn't help but read it in a Bender voice. "Boobisoft"; perfect.
    2. Red58
      Wanna kill all humans?
    3. Modder v7
      Kill all humans? Nah; Catnipians are tasked with recon and surveillance. Once phase 1 is complete, then rather than killing all humans, we enslave them. Think of them as our new pets after phase 2 is complete, mreowhehehehe.

      However, there is one human that I wouldn't mind killing *evil smile*
  7. LookBroZombies_XBL
    I was so hyped for this game after the beta but I chose to wait to buy it, which looks like it paid off. I'll wait a few months for it to be on sale again since these issues are still ongoing.
  8. Fighter F35
    Smh his game has so much potential but of this server issue doesn't get fixed I'll throw my copy in the trash.. It's honestly so fun the funnest I've played in a long time.
  9. Jacob Frye
    I've unlocked all the characters, and reached past level 30. This took so long to achieve. I can't stand their servers, but the game is too good. So I'll wait patiently for them to fix this.
  10. VinnyHaw
    I have 120 hours in this game. I can feel confident when I tell everyone this... the servers... are pure ****ing ****. all of the ****.