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(Short article) Sony unveils a lot during conference, but...

  1. OctaVariuM
    I really like him, but...

    This game is awesome, but...

    Hey guys, here's games from our new console, our new controller, and even promises from game developers on what to expect, but...we're not going to show you the console.

    Did anyone else find this a little odd? I was very impressed with what Sony had to offer its fans, and more importantly its critics during the conference that just ended tonight, but I was very surprised that they offered SO much information, but left out the physical console. A lot of people have been clamoring for the specs, and they gave us some of them, but from what I hear online, more people just want an image to tie to the name.

    This isn't really an analysis article from the conference, since it was pretty straight forward and I don't have a lot to add, but I felt like making a story and thread about this was necessary. Do you all find it odd that they didn't show the console? I'm not sure what the trend has been in the past, but I'm a little disappointed.

    What did you think about the conference? How are you feeling about the PS4 now that so much has been revealed? Will you hardcore Xbox fanboys be considering a switch if Microsoft offers less?

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