Sneakers. Some of us have different tastes in them, and different reasons as to why we buy them. Some of us like to purchase a fresh pair of Jordans to be the cool kid on the block. Some of us shop at the Walmart bargain bin just to have something to wear on our feet. Whatever your reason and wherever you purchase your footwear from, we all most likely have something in common, style.

Many people like to have their sneakers match with the current outfit they’re wearing, while others may just enjoy the fancy designs or simple color schemes their sneakers have. When you walk into a sneaker store, the first thing you may notice are the different colors and designs. You want the red one, the blue one, and the black one. But what if you didn’t have to purchase multiple pairs of sneakers just to get the color you want? What if you could have one sneaker that could have any color or design you want on it? With ShiftWear, this dream is now a reality.

ShiftWear will allow wearers to display custom still and animated designs on the StillWear sneaker. You can freely change the design right from your smartphone or tablet wherever you are. The designs will display on the sneaker’s HD Color E-Paper Flexible Display. The sneaker will be machine washable in case your new kicks get dirty from your outdoor adventures, and they’ll be waterproof for up to 5 meters. The soles are crafted out of a strong kevlar fiber coating embedded with a special “walk-to-charge” technology. ShiftWear was made to last, with soles that resist the tearing normal sneakers suffer from when you’re out having fun, and a charging system that keeps your designs shining bright throughout your day, this sneaker nearly outshines all other footwear when it comes to surviving the outside world.

ShiftWear is all about customization. The sneakers will be available in low, medium, and high tops. Whatever style you prefer you can get. Due to the fact that you would have limitless designs to go through when wearing ShiftWear, having all 3 sneaker top designs would be great for any wardrobe. If the design you choose to display on the sneaker is static, the sneaker won’t consume any power at all, and your design will remain the same until you feel the need to change it.

The ShiftWear app will be available for iOS and Android, and not only allows you to change the design that will be displayed on the sneaker, but it’ll give you access to a vast marketplace where you’ll be connected to many different designs created and uploaded by artists all over the globe. You’ll be able to buy the latest and greatest designs right from the app and update the current design being displayed on your shoes instantly. If you want to create and sell your own design you’re more than welcome to. Any design you sell will have you keeping 70% of the revenue gained from the sale. The ShiftWear app aims to have a huge community focused on sharing and creating designs. You’ll have an endless supply of content to show off to your friends and family.


If you're wondering how the designs will look on the sneakers when you're outdoors, ShiftWear has you covered. The sneakers will have a "natural, paper-like look" to them, and they won't emit a glow like LED and lighted fabric technology does. This means that you can see your designs even when they're exposed to direct sunlight. If you're in total darkness, your designs won't be visible, just like an actual sneaker. Each sneaker will come with a backlight for those that wish to show off the designs on their sneakers when in poor lighting conditions.

Some of the long-term stretch goals for the project include a touch screen on the sneaker, waterproof speakers for those who want their shoes to play music along with displaying fancy designs, and sensors that will play designs based on the wearer's sneaker angle and foot movement. Overall, this seems to be a good choice for those who lost to purchase sneakers but would like to save money in the process. ShiftWear is expected to ship sometime in Fall 2016. Make sure to check out their Indiegogo page for more information!