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Shaq is raising money for a new Shaq-Fu game.


2014 is certainly an interesting year for gaming, to say the very least. Last month, in an interview, Shaq was asked if we would ever see a Shaq Fu 2. Surprisingly, he answered that we would be seeing one, though not everyone was entirely sure that he was being serious. Suffice to say, Shaq was dead serious, and he's currently raising money to fund his new game.

That's right, Shaq has teamed up with a studio called Big Deez, which reportedly, consists of veteran game developers from series we know and love, such as Halo. Well aware of the horrible reputation that the previous Shaq-Fu created, Big Deez and Shaq intend to rectify the previous installment and make an actual game. With tantalizing images of co-op and destructable enviornments being dangled over our heads, there might be a chance for redemption here. Interestingly, the game is planned for a PC release, with the possibility of release on mobile phones if the kickstart raises enough funding.

Lastly, for those wondering how much money is needed to make this game, Shaq is asking for 450,000$, and like many internet start-ups, is giving donation incentives. To find out more, you can visit the campaign page at indiegogo here. So, what do you think? Will Shaq Fu succeed and blow us all away, or will we simply be getting another useless game that nobody will care about? Let me know below.

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