Sea of Thieves’ newest patch, version 1.12, is now available; it adds a new event and builds on the Bilge Rat faction introduced last month in The Hungering Deep.

The new event is called Skeleton Thrones, and it gives players 10 thrones to discover in the pirate game’s large open world. Five small thrones may be taken by individual pirates, and five large ones will need multiple crewmates to sit on.

The Bilge Rats, the NPC faction that joined the game in The Hungering Deep, now have a dedicated progression screen, which developer Rare said will also offer clues as to where to find the skeleton thrones. Bilge Rat doubloons are a new currency, and 100 of them will be awarded for completion of the Skeleton Thrones. They can be spent on new Bilge Rat-themed cosmetics that will be available to June 26, Rare said.

Elsewhere in the game, all players will now receive The Sailor Drum and the Sailor Speaking Trumpet, which allows players to communicate over long distances (it’s basically the MMO equivalent of “yelling.”) The game now also has color-blindness accessibility options for players who have red-green or blue-yellow color-blind vision. A rainbow flag acknowledging June as Pride Month is also now part of all players’ inventories.

More details, patch notes, and fixes are available from this post on the official site. As for “The Hungering One,” the enormous shark boss enemy who emerged last month, Rare said, cryptically, that she “has returned to the depths and can no longer be summoned,” however, “she is not the only one of her kind.

“From the next patch, the surface will be breached by others following in her wake,” Rare added. “A new age of predators has dawned and things will never be the same again ...”

Source: Polygon