Rare's ongoing live-service game Sea of Thieves has received a new update called The Seabound Soul. The content, which is now live for PC and Xbox One, adds a new tall tale, extra purchasable cosmetics, a brand-new projectile weapon, and more.

The headlining feature of The Seabound Soul is the added tall tale, which sees you joining the aristocratic adventurer Sir Arthur Pendragon on an expedition to explore a feared ship and uncover the mystery of a new threat on the open seas. Like all tall tales, this mission is accessed from the quest book. Completing it nets you a dragon-themed set of sails and Pendragon's sword.

The Seabound Soul also adds the new fiery cannonball. These new weapons can be shot from the cannons mounted on your ship or tossed directly from your hand at opponents like a grenade.

Elsewhere, The Seabound Soul introduces new emotes, pets and pet outfits, other cosmetics like colorways and skins, and much more to both the Black Market and the Pirate Emporium.

While Rare is continuing to support Sea of Thieves, the studio also has two other projects currently in development: Battletoads and Everwild. While information on the new Battletoads is scarce, Rare shared gameplay for the first time at E3 2019. Everwild was announced during Microsoft's X019 event, where the company said Rare is making "something truly original and incredibly special." Both titles are currently slated for PC and Xbox One at some unspecified date.

Source: GameSpot