Sea of Thieves developer Rare is continuing to roll out monthly updates to the game, this time with September’s free Smuggler’s Fortune patch.

Smuggler’s Fortune is available beginning today. New voyages are available for players, including “free-to-accept” Mercenary Voyages from the Bilge Rats. These will allow players to earn Dubloons. September’s Rag and Bone voyages are “a special twist on Cargo Runs,” which require players to find hidden crates to deliver. But the most important part of the update? Pets.

Both monkeys and parrots have been added to Sea of Thieves with the Smuggler’s Fortune update. They’re available at a new “premium” store called the Pirate Emporium — a new currency, Ancient Coins, was introduced specifically for the store. Ancient Coins can be bought on the Xbox store or in Sea of Thieves using real money, but you can also earn them in-game. New emotes and ship liveries are also sold at the Pirate Emporium. One of the first sets is called Bear & Bird, inspired by Rare’s Banjo-Kazooie franchise.

New items are also available at Duke’s Black Market, where players can spend Dubloons to buy new stuff. In September, players are able to purchase Sea of Thieve’s Fearless Bone Crusher set, which was previously available last year. Players can use gold to purchase less exclusive items — like Deep Ocean Crawler weapons — in the shop, too.

Lastly, Rare says there’s a ton more loot lost at sea for players to find. “Increase your pirate fortune by taking down Ancient Skeletons, rare new enemies who carry Ancient Coins that can be spent in the Pirate Emporium,” Rare wrote in a blog post describing the update. Players will also be able to find “hoards of treasure” by sinking Skeleton Sloops and stealing their goods.

Smuggler’s Fortune is free on Windows PC and Xbox One for Sea of Thieves players.

Source: Polygon