Sea of Thieves is preparing to set off on its biggest expansion yet, the free update Cursed Sails. It's coming to the PC and Xbox One game on July 31, and in the meantime developer Rare has released a little trailer to show off the tone of the new update. That tone? A fine artisan blend of zany and creepy.

The brief trailer shows off a gang of skeletons making landfall, unfurling a sign, and celebrating before heading back into the briny deep. But not without a few cracked bones in the process.

Cursed Sails will introduce these skeletal marauder enemies, which means for the first time you'll see ships sailing around that may not be other players. You'll have a few new tools to turn the tide in your favor, though: a Brigantine ship made for three, and a new Alliance system that brings crews together around shared goals. It will kick off with a time-limited campaign that will give you some special rewards.

The free expansion will launch on July 31, and the servers will go online at 8 AM PDT / 5 AM EDT / 4 PM BST (1 AM AET on August 1). Rare has been quick to add new content to its open-world pirate game since launch, and has made a point of being especially attuned to the community. The developer has even considered making its own battle royale mode. For now, though, it's working on the roadmap (sea map?) for 2018, including several new updates that go through the rest of the year.

Source: GameSpot