Se7enSins and the XLink H2 community are teaming up to bring an updated, newly constructed XLink Kai definitive Halo 2 [modded] mappack tournament to all the old school (and maybe some of you new school) players! Every map in the mappack that will be hosted has been obsessively handpicked by our resident Halo 2 connoisseurs to ensure ALL the maps are System Link Compatible, ALL are fan favorites, and 16 additional maps to feature Halo 3 weapons.

Once we get a head count as to how many people are joining, we will determine whether this will be a FFA or team tournament. The dates are still TBD, so make sure you join the XLink Kai Halo 2 Discord Server to cast your vote on the date that works best for you. Once the details are finalized, we will be creating the tournament on the Tournaments page for you to register for the tournament. You can find the mappack and instructions in the linked Discord server.

Hurry up and go vote as some of these dates are coming up quick. I think tomorrow is the last day to vote if you want the first date. These are the dates so be sure to join the server and vote on them:
Saturday 15th
Sunday 16th (Fathers Day)
Saturday the 22nd
Sunday the 23rd

This tournament will also have a grand prize! It's a fully loaded 2TB TSOP flashed original Xbox with a custom Wood carved paint-job, given out by our very own Anubis. Can you say 'SEXY'?

I'd like to give a huge shout out to Anubis, CabooseSayzWTF, VinnyHaw, Redherring32, and all the guys on the Discord server for helping make this possible, thanks! It's great to see the community pull together, revive many of the old Halo 2 modding tools, maps, and mappacks that many of us thought were dead and gone. You can see many of their efforts throughout the Halo 2 section, especially the mod programs and mod downloads sections.