Controller Chaos Se7enSins Edition Review

We have quite the improvement in our very own Se7enSins controller design in store for the community! If you can recall, we recently had a design for our community done earlier this year and while it was cool to have our logo on the controller, it felt pretty bland to say the least. So we kept looking and found another company that did a redesign we can all be proud of!

We’ve now partnered with Controller Chaos, and in short, they knocked this design out of the park!


When I first got the design, I was blown away! Every inch of the controller looked absolutely amazing, but any time I see a digital design (of anything), I always have to hold my breath until I actually get the item in my hands. After I opened up the Xbox One controller box and saw the design, I was excited to see that the design came out perfect! We even have our logo on the part of the controller your grip! The battery covering has our logo with our name too! The PS4 controller has “SE7ENSINS” on the touchpad and “SE7ENSINS” with our logo on the back center of the controller.

Both controllers feel like OEM controllers with high quality materials, buttons feel good and work like they should (no ghost clicks), and joysticks are OEM grip.

Controller Chaos did an amazing job and would like to thank them for doing the community proud with this design!!!!

Click the images below to make an order now!


If you'd like to see the design on the back of the controllers, click the links above and select the back view! I don't even need to say "you will be impressed", the more accurate statement is "you are impressed". :cigar:

Disclaimer: Controller Chaos sent me 2 controllers to review and have paid for marketing for us to expose the community to their product. With that being said, this did not alter my review or opinions of the controllers one bit. I've been gaming on this controller for about a month now and haven't had any issue with it and I think the design fits our community like a glove.