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Se7ensins Community Playdate Recap


View the video recap here! Please excuse the poor quality! Future uploads will be in High Definition!​

I wanted to give a warm thanks to those who showed interested into Se7ensins Community Playdate because without your support this event would have likely ended up being a mildly fun game at the most. I also give thanks to the staff for participating and helping other members know about the playdate.

With the formalities set aside, I congratulate the team of Gingenator, gdoc, JohnMarston, Boar, Kin7s, HolyArm3n, Free Lunches, Dare to Inspire, and wwenickwwe12 for beating the team of staff fair and square in our three match set up with their team winning two out of the three matches. The match was very well fought and all the matches were nearly tied throughout their durations. Be proud for winning against the staff as I assure you it will not happen again. Sadly Sean and Octavarium barely held their own weight!

For the rest that did not get a chance to partake in an octane filled community event, be aware that future playdates will be held! Some will be solely focusing on a fun experience whilst others catering to a more competitive crowd such as tonight's playdate. Future playdates will also be more organized and we will be sure to give you a heads up far in advance before the playdate actually occurs. Feedback is appreciated and can be sent to me via private message or comment profile message! Enjoy that free month of premium, guys!
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