Today we celebrate the 14 year mark since the creation of Se7enSins. With each passing year, our family of sinners grows, and with that growth brings new and more information that helps shape us as a community! It makes me happy to see people still love to share information, guides, and offer their support and knowledge to people they don't even know, the same way in which I embarked on this journey with just a couple of passionate friends 14 years ago. This community have grown and thrived throughout the years due to this giving nature that has been nurtured through every member of our community. I just want to say "thank you" to everyone that has been apart of this whole journey!

The number of people I've met through Se7enSins, ones that I can call true friends, astonishes me every single time I think about it. Recently, I've been reaching out to old members who haven't been to the site in years (some perhaps 10+ years), and the welcoming vibe that I get from these people, after all these years of not talking, truly warms my heart. It's been fantastic reconnecting, seeing how everyone is doing in life, and one has even put me in contact with someone in the gaming realm that is doing something really cool (stay tuned)! The community attracts so many great people in this world and I couldn't be more proud.

Due to the growth of the information based around the gaming industry, the evolution of the gaming in general, constant stream of new games and consoles being released, we've found just how unorganized the whole site had become as games and consoles come and go. If you haven't heard by now, we are working on Se7enSins v8 (version 8). With v8, the site will actually be able to evolve with the information, the games, and the consoles, rather than the patch work we've had to do throughout the years. Want a new section for a game? With v8, the "section" will automatically be created upon creation of the thread about the game.

Speaking honestly, I was hoping we would have had v8 released by this anniversary, but things have come up, bugs need to be fixed, and other things have come to our attention in which we want to refine to make for a perfect experience for our great community. With that being said, we do plan on opening up our test board to premium members very soon. So if you haven't bought premium yet, please think about it! Premium has greatly helped finance this HUGE update we will be rolling out and I want you guys to be able to experience it first and give feedback so we can make it perfect for everyone [link to the original sneak peek - premium members only]!

v8 aside, we wanted to thank the community by kicking off the celebration with a few contests! These contests are to win Viotek Monitors (read my review, spoiler: they are awesome!), which Viotek is only shipping to USA. I've been quite busy lately so I apologize for not having some things set up ahead of time (including this post - but please blame Aaron as he thought that the anniv is in November for some reason lol), so for our European members, I want to find something that we can do for you guys to enter into as well, so stay tuned please! We will also be talking about giving away premium, possibly a pre-order for MW, and maybe something else if these companies get back to us!

Here are the links to the contests:
Community Contest
Clip/Video Contest
Reply to enter Contest

Good luck and thanks again for help making this community so amazing!