Say Hello to the First Fully Modular Phone

An Android device known as the Fairphone 2 has been introduced to consumers. Similar to its predecessor, the smartphone features something...
By Crooks · Oct 23, 2015 · Updated Oct 23, 2015
  1. Crooks
    More than two years ago, a phone that claimed to not harm the planet at all in terms of the materials that it was made out of, was revealed to us by an organization who called themselves Fairphone. Today, we were given insight into the Fairphone 2, the next big phone the manufacturer is making. Much like it's predecessor, the Fairphone 2 brings something very unique to the smart phone market. The Fairphone 2 will be the first fully modular Android device to ever be made.

    If you are not familiar with the term "modular," it means that certain parts and pieces of the phone are going to be removable, interchangeable and will most likely be able to be fully customized. This fact alone hints towards the Fairphone 2 outlasting most smartphones these days. The simple fact that you will be able to swap out your one faulty or outdated part instead of buying a whole new phone all together, means Fairphone 2 owners will save a lot of money in the long run. This also means the phone will be easy to repair, which is something best left up to experienced repairmen with the smartphones we currently have.

    The manufacturer has claimed that the device should essentially last you about 5 years. This is longer than most other smartphones tend to stay relevant in terms of the hardware that they are packing inside. Speaking of hardware, let's talk about what you'll find inside your Fairphone 2. The phone will feature a Snapdragon 801 as its CPU, 2GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel rear camera, 32GB of internal storage with expandable MicroSD storage and to top it all off, a 5-inch HD LCD screen. The Fairphone 2 will start at about €525, which is a fairly high price but due to the lifetime of the product, it may just be well worth it.

    Much like the original Fairphone, the new device will also be made exactly like how the original was, meaning it will take into account the environment and worker impacts. The phone should be available for purchase in December with mass production beginning sometime next month. The Fairphone 2 currently has about 20,000 pre-orders but unfortunately, will only be available in a handful of European countries for the time being. Depending on how sales go, the Fairphone 2 may see a North American release sometime in the future. What do you think? Is this phone worth your investment? Do you think it will last 5 years? Leave your thoughts below!


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  1. Spongebloke
    Google made one before this..
    1. Crooks
      If you're referring to project Ara, it's still in development.
  2. Stonerzard
    This sounds really good. The first I've heard about it. I think this could be a direction in which could start the future of phones. I'll have to keep an eye on this now.
  3. Rengar
    A cheaper modular phone is going to be "Project Ara", which is said to be $50 for the lowest end starter phone which you could then upgrade over time.

    I'm going to stick with the Project Ara when it is released since the price tag is very reasonable and they're talking about cheap-ish prices for the modules.

    This phone looks good and all, but I'm not willing to drop $800+ on the phone and modules within the first week. If they drop the price tag, maybe I'd consider it :tongue:
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  4. Derp10327
    Wow! Unfortunately there's that price tag that will detract customers from becoming a part of the fairphone family
  5. AlienFreek01
    Good in thought, not very good hands on. Your going to pay ~$500 for a phone that is already a year outdated in the terms of hardware, so you can buy more hardware to upgrade it? No. If it's starting features were that of a Galaxy S5 - 6 or than it might be worth it *maybe*. It would be like buying a computer that was made in 2013, with 2013 hardware, (which costs more than a fully up-to-date computer), to than just upgrade it to 2015 hardware.

    This is something i, and many others, have wanted for a long time. But for now, it is not worth it at all.
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  6. NoFreeSoup4You
    Yea if you can upgrade the components then the upfront cost wont be that much because you wont have to get a new phone every 6 months to a year you will just be able to upgrade all the parts to make it better!
      Krokodil likes this.
    1. Krokodil
      true, but I highly doubt that this would be the case. They would probably lose money unless the price the accessories at a price that they wouldn't.
  7. Gamerjackiechan2
    Feel like this is gonna be like those shoes everyone wears, paints, and throws out the next week. Minus the throwing away. Because they just customize it again.
      Krokodil likes this.
  8. ZacOnCrac
    Might be worth it if you are able to upgrade the hardware within it like the now below standard 8MP camera and 2GB of RAM. If you can buy for an example a 13MP camera component and a 3 or 4GB RAM piece and throw it in, this will be the phone for everyone.
    Think I'm just shooting for stars now though.
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  9. Krokodil
    It's about $800 CDN though :frown:
  10. Pyroman
    I remember seeing these a while ago, these looks sweet but would cause 2 times as much as the new Galaxy