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Save Your Pokémon Saves Before It's Too Late!


Time, in its endless existence, continuously ticks away in such a way that energy must slowly lose its form with it. Gameboy cartridges and their method of saving data must face the laws of thermodynamics just as everything else in the universe. It should be a well known fact among the Pokémon community that this inevitable demise would soon meet their beloved Pokémon classics. Fret not, for certain discoveries have been withdrawn and exhibited in such a way that permits Pokémon fans to keep their save data saved, so to speak, for another 10-15 years.

Within the depths of the minuscule Gameboy cateridges is a small battery that is practically running at all times to ensure the save data on the cartridge is properly maintained. As most people know, batteries eventually run out of juice and bring forth an undesirable end to their host. These tiny disc like batteries only operate for about 15 years. Considering Pokémon was launched during the September of 1998, these batteries will soon bring ruin to the cartridges that depend on their functions. There is a practical and simple method to remedy this problem without compromising your childhood save games. Mind you that this will undoubtedly work for any Gameboy cartridge because, as already reiterated above, all Gameboy cartridges follow the same design.

Essentially the process, should you want to know the basis of it before watching the posted video link below, goes like this: “As a game cart with a dead battery still does save your game as long as it is in your console playing, it means that the SRAM is powered. The SRAM keeps your data, and has to be powered all the time to keep the data. So, as the console powers the SRAM, you can just get the battery, and replace it while it’s on! Just make sure the battery is in there securely before you power off the console. Then take the game out for a few seconds, and plug it back in the console. Depending on what battery you use, the replacement should hold for up to another 10-20 years. A 2032 4v Coin Cell Battery is recommended.”

This seemingly inevitable disaster can be prevented with a few simple steps; steps that will safe guard games that communities around the world grew up to and still enjoy playing today. Even if such a tremendous blow were to be uncontrollably thrown at the Pokémon franchise, it would be literally impossible for such a franchise to be evicted from the hearts of old school gamers. Nevertheless, to those who claim a fervent bond to their cartridge titles, time is passing by. Cartridge maintenance is an important part to any gamer's cartridge collections, especially with such a spectacular series as Pokémon.

Video Tutorial: http://se7ens.in/IH7z8a
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