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Samsung Recalls Note 7 On Global Scale


Tech giant Samsung have been forced to recall their latest attack on the phablet market, the Note 7. This decision follows recent reports in both the United States and South Korea of the phone "exploding" both during and after charging. Who knows what might have happened if reports hadn't come out this early? Samsung has pledged to allow those who have purchased the Note 7 to swap it out for a new one with their fix implemented.

Since release, Samsung has shifted more than 2.5 million units and President of Samsung's mobile business Koh Dong-jin has been quoted as saying "There was a tiny problem in the manufacturing process, so it was very difficult to figure out." This means that although Samsung has addressed the issue, they cannot be sure of how many of the two and a half million units they have sold could possibly be affected. With the handset only recently releasing, Samsung will be facing a marketing nightmare with this potentially dangerous flaw, as well as rival Apple drawing up the battle plan for their next contender, the iPhone 7, rumored to be revealed next week.

When questioned about the potential costs to the company, President Dong-jin was quoted as saying "It will cost us so much it makes my heart ache. Nevertheless, the reason we made this decision is because what is most important is customer safety." Safety will now be a concern for every one of those customers across the 10 countries that Samsung have already released the Note 7 in, but a swift recall and a planned replacement program - which is expected to be up and running in two weeks - will hopefully help some. Others will certainly be crying out for a refund and understandably so.

Part of the issue comes from companies like Samsung using smaller firms in different areas to produce the same parts for different regions, This has led to part of the issue when it comes to determining which particular units may be affected.


Another Samsung spokesperson said that “To date there have been 35 cases that have been reported globally and we are currently conducting a thorough inspection with our suppliers to identify possible affected batteries in the market.’ So, with numbers of confirmed reports minimal, it is safe to say that this is not as widespread as it may seem. One thing is for sure, though: Samsung is taking a massive hit over this and their only hope before Apple's unveiling of their new lineup is sales from the Galaxy S7 Edge.

[Source: BBC News]
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