Samsung Announces Next-Generation Gaming Monitors

Samsung has promised to revolutionize the way we think about monitors, and they're definitely doing some things differently. Utilizing curved...
  1. Harry
    The monitor, one of the most crucial elements of a computer build, is evolving quickly. Samsung seem to be stepping up their game, with the announcement of curved gaming monitors. If you're looking to maximize your gaming experience, then this could be the monitor for you.

    The monitors will be available in 24-inch and 27-inch screen sizes. The Samsung CFG70 gaming monitors promise to deliver the best HD gaming experience possible, especially with their 1ms response time. There are plenty of monitors that refresh in 1ms - what makes these different? The CFG70 series are programmed to refresh the picture by dividing up the display into quarters, whereas most monitors refresh the entire screen at once. To compliment this feature and reduce flickering, the display also incorporates AMD's FreeSync technology to ensure the screen refresh rate is synchronized up to 144Hz.

    It doesn't stop there for the gaming monitor's impressive features. Samsung have also incorporated technology from their Super Ultra High-Definition TVs. By utilizing Samsung's Quantum Dot technology, the means the monitor will be able to display 125% of the sRGB spectrum, bringing greater depth to blacks and colors. As well as this, they will incorporate interactive LED "Arena Lighting" to provide a richer gaming experience by pulsing with the action.

    Seog-gi Kim, Samsung's Senior Vice President, had the following to say regarding the monitors and what it means for the future gaming:

    "As the gaming market continues to enjoy rapid worldwide growth, gamers expect advanced display technologies that can bring out the latest video game features and optimize the gameplay experience. By enhancing our pioneering curved gaming monitors with quantum dot technology, our CFG70 and CFG91 displays further surround players and make them feel as if they are part of the game. We are excited to demonstrate this futuristic and immersive gaming environment at IFA 2016."


    Another unique feature of this monitor is the base and stand. They've redesigned the whole mechanism. Rather than utilizing a traditional slide-and-lock stand, the CFG70 has a ball-and-joint assembly that allows the neck to seamlessly tilt, adjust height, rotate, and pivot, all without moving the base.

    These advanced gaming monitors will be available to purchase later in the year, although an exact date is yet to be announced. The 24-inch model will retail for $399 (about £300, AU$530) and the 27-inch model will go for $499 (about £380, AU$660).

    Will you be purchasing one of these monitors when they're released later in the year? Let us know in the comments below!

    (Source: TechRadar)

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  1. 3xTiNcT
    If I ever build a PC I'll have to remember these. Hopefully they make it look better by then.
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  2. High School
    The stand for this this is ugly, looks like a old desk lamp.
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    1. Harry
      It's something that wouldn't put me off purchasing the monitor, granted it looks ugly but what can you do.
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  3. Beardyman
    Are these gaming monitors compatible with the Xbox One S? Or is it primarily for PC users?
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    2. denz
      I understand it's new but that's like buying a super car and only driving it at 20 MPH.

      Why not just get a new monitor that suits what a console can output.
      Harrrry likes this.
    3. GH0ST_OP
      You could use it to play xbox along with your PC as a single source. The fast response time helps, but you wont utilize the 144 Hz on xbox. Maybe on the xbox scorpio it would be better since it will get better frames.
    4. denz
      I am willing to bet you any amount, no game on scorpio will get anywhere near 144 FPS or even 120 FPS.
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  4. midnightmodders20
    Wouldn't mind getting a 27 inch if its 1440P
  5. goss34
    The base is a eyesore in my opinion, little big and up front.
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    1. Harry
      I'm a little put off by the base, however that shouldn't be a detriment to this impressive monitor!