"Sad Satan": A Twisted Horror Game From the Deep Web (UPDATED w/ Clean DL)

A mysterious first-person horror game called "Sad Satan" has surfaced from the deepest, darkest corners of the Internet. Perhaps it was spawned...
By Atlas · Jul 10, 2015 · Updated Jul 11, 2015
  1. Atlas

    A lot of us Internet users have heard of the “Deep Web” at one point or another. A good handful of us may have downloaded Tor just to try some browsing out for the fun of it. While some might take to the Deep Web to observe some narcotics sales websites for curiosity’s sake, or others might browse for much more sinister purposes, one can only imagine what might be stumbled upon when browsing the Deep Web (the good, the bad, and the strange). Interestingly enough, one proprietor named Jamie of the YouTube channel, Obscure Horror Corner, managed to head into the depths of the Deep Web in order to download a game called “Sad Satan.”

    “I don’t use the deep web too often,” Jamie told Patricia Hernandez from Kotaku, “but a month or two ago a subscriber sent me a link and said they found something creepy and knew that I would be interested, which I of course was.” He continued, “I did a malware check and other virus stuff on the file and it seemed OK, so I just shot ahead with it.” Conveniently for us, Jamie decided to record a few videos of himself playing the odd game and they are currently located on the Obscure Horror Corner channel (links are located at bottom of article). As for the game itself, it is fairly low-resolution but entertaining and creepy, to say the least!


    The player is forced to wander dynamic mazes of hallways complete with doors and passageways that tend to shape-shift into each other. Throughout the walking journey, the player will hear various grumbling, crying (of children), screaming, and other disturbing noises such as dialogues being slowed down or played in reverse (even Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven in reverse and a Charles Manson monologue). While some might think “Sad Satan” is merely a jumble of messy horror techniques, some praise should be given for the game’s context. The game’s odd noises and confusing labyrinth-style area come packaged with various screens and visuals that are only shown for a brief moment. Not to mention, the environment makes the player wonder if the character in the game they control is disoriented or hallucinating.

    While plenty of images are flashed onto the screen for the player to take notice of, one theme seems to stick out in my mind: child abuse. Between the moaning, crying, and screaming of what sounds to be children, there are even child-like NPC’s in the maze with you as well. One of the most interesting references involves a still-image flashed on the screen of Jimmy Savile and Margaret Thatcher promoting the The NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children). One can only notice the irony here as Jimmy Savile was accused of multiple child sexual assaults and some of his dialogues can be heard within the game.


    Currently, Jamie has posted 5 videos on YouTube showing gameplay of “Sad Satan,” and they have attracted a fair amount of attention. Because of the game’s lack of specific origin, viewers are combining their efforts to learn more about the game itself to possibly draw a connection as to where it came from. In fact, one page on Reddit is specifically dedicated to breaking down each reference made in the game by presenting information in a guide that is divided up into sections each representing a different one of Jamie’s videos. Some are claiming the game is making connections with one video from a couple of years ago titled “Sad Sad Satan.”

    Naturally though, some want to get into contact with the subscriber who directed Jamie to download “Sad Satan” in the very first place. Patricia Hernandez from Kotaku managed to get into contact with said subscriber to see if any information about the game could be obtained. To note, the subscriber wished to remain anonymous. “I first found out about the game on a deep web forum,” the subscriber claimed. “It’s like an all purpose site, all your usual forums can be found there (tech help, reviews, fitness, things like that), plus some original content.” Apparently, games in general (not just odd games) are not too commonplace on the forum where he was browsing. “That was the first time I had seen a game posted on the site,” he said. If media floated around on this website, it was more likely to be music and movies—not games, and certainly not user-created games. The user never specified whether it was his own content or someone else’s, but I presume it was the user’s game,” he said. “He signed off his post with ‘ZK.’”


    When asked if he knew anything about ZK, the subscriber did not seem to know much at all. “I have seen other posts signed off with ZK, mostly comments, which were very odd,” he said. “Some of the stuff ZK posted before was pretty weird—dark views, satanic mumbo jumbo. Whether its nefarious or all in good fun, I can’t really say,” According to Kotaku, the only reason why the subscriber did not run the game himself was because he could not get it to work on his computer.

    What some might be wondering at this point is if Jamie is going to re-upload the game for all of us to enjoy. Unfortunately, there was a slight side-effect to playing “Sad Satan” that was enough to freak Jamie out to the point of wiping the game from his hard drive. He told Hernandez at Kotaku, “It was getting a bit strange...a note pad file that went along with the game kept appearing on my desktop each time I played the game with some gibberish messages,” When she asked for proof from Jamie, she would not receive any. “I unfortunately have no screenshots of the notepad files,” Jamie told her. “They were genuinely gibberish text. It didn’t seem to be in any language, just symbols and numbers really. I did notice 666 a few times, which fits I guess, considering the title of the game.”

    Interestingly enough, within the game there are various short coded messages that are flashed onto the player’s screen whilst exploring the mazes. Some of these messages have been decoded by one user on Reddit (refer to picture below).


    Seeing as the phrase, “I can track you,” does not settle too well in the stomach for most people, one can only wonder if there was anything malicious going on with the game itself. Perhaps “Sad Satan” is merely some unfinished gaming or software project. On the other hand, it could have a much more insidious agenda. Either way, I feel like I would like to give the game a whirl, but it is unknown if there is even a working download link anywhere for it. So, if anyone wishes to dive into the depths of the Deep Web (to the depths of Hell that is), let’s gear up and go find ourselves a scary game! (do so responsibly).


    YouTube Game-play:

    PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, PART 4, PART 5

    It appears there was a lot more to this game than what I thought. Apparently, one version of the game was posted somewhere on 4chan which contained images of gore and cp. One person on reddit took the levels from this version, replaced the gore and cp with non-explicit images, and then uploaded said levels and audio files to be ran through Terror Engine:

    If you wish to play the clean version of the game, follow this link which will show you a post containing links and instructions on how to play the clean version:

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  1. Cyber Spliot
    when i click the .exe it says do you wish to put the files in a archive and i click no and nothing happens can someone help me
  2. Nou
    It contained CP? Well, that's normal for the Deep Web, but yay to the user to removed that ****; I can play without getting my door bust down for it.
  3. Cloudie
    I wonder into the deep web sometimes but I would love to play this game. >_<
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  4. Vizionz4D
    If nobody dies within a week im playing this
    This game looks ****ing weird
  5. Master
    I have only been in the Deep Web a few times. I have to say that it is really obscure.
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  6. goss34
    I've been to the deep web and that alone is scary as $hit. With this, it adds a whole new meaning to scary and creepy. I have tried to find it on "The Hidden Wiki" and found nothing of it. I might add, Inkd you're right, too sketchy.
    1. Pulsefire
      you have to use a TOR Search engine like DuckDuckGo or NotEvil. There are tons of boards that have game sections also. If you cant find it them go to a question site and ask about the game.
    2. goss34
      Yeah, I use TOR. But honestly after finding nothing on the Wiki, I decided to give up as it would be too scary to play with too much effort as I would leave exit immediately as I saw the girls from the game.
  7. Weeb
    Just read up a bit about this and what the f***, this is some messed up ****, some people who downloaded the clone are apparently ****ed, their computers are ****ed. Read a bit about the Asian guy featured as well and now I'm done, this is some sick ****.
    1. Pulsefire
      Because with this stuff, people have NO CLUE what they are messing with.
  8. Axl
    I just played the clean version of this game, and I must say that it is quite creepy... On another note, I agree with The Finders Cult, there are some very strange folks on the deep web who will ask you such questions... I Cant tell you not to talk to such people, but if you choose to, be careful... telling them false info wont help either.
    1. Atlas
      Is your computer still good after playing the clean version?
    2. Axl
      Yes, I haven't had any problems at all :smile:
    3. Atlas
      Nice, glad to hear :biggrin: I'll definitely give it a try.
  9. Thelema
    I'd recommend not attempting to play games such as these, they're not made for enjoyment but rather to do physiological damage. The individual that created this game is obviously very ill minded, I'd imagine this is most likely the outcome he/she was looking for.

    I'm sure the majority of you haven't been to the deep web/dark web and are curious to what is being posted there, I'll say this. Before you can access certain parts of the deep web you'll need to talk to some serious strange individuals. They'll ask your name and questions such as "What colour hair do you have" or "Do you like watching snuff movies".

    In other words, assume the worst.
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    1. Pulsefire
      I spend a good time on the Deep Web, across the ParaZite links, Pastebin links and terabytes of txt docs and video across the dark land it is. Many of these websites are aimed at the damage of your mental wellness, not by political ramblings or conspiracies, but gore, cp, and the disturbed minds of those that put these things together. Be careful wherever you go. Do your research, and whatever you do, stay safe my friends.
  10. Wavy
    I feel like I would go to hell if I played this lol. Someone find da game pls.
      Atlas likes this.
    1. View previous replies...
    2. 3xTiNcT
      I'm tempted to try it...
    3. Atlas
      I'm just going to wait a day or so and then give it a whirl.
    4. 3xTiNcT
      That's what I was thinking. I don't want to get some weird side effects if that has happened to anyone yet..