Sacred 3 is an RPG developed by Keen Games. They have done an outstanding job keeping the game the way the players like. Sacred 3 still has that addictive gameplay element in it. Although Keen Games developed Sacred 3, this was their takeover from Ascaron Entertainment who had brought the first few Sacred games to life.

Sacred will be released August 5, 2014 as an Action RPG type of game. Sacred is well known for the Co-op gameplay which is normally better than solo play. The first few missions had me intrigued because I rarely play this genre of Action RPG's. While playing I'd say to myself "One more level", but I'd end up playing the next two! Also, you look forward to the bosses and Elite enemies due to the fact that they have much more health and they use different techniques.

As a role playing game when you choose one of the few Heroes you can choose from they all have there own distinct powers, spells, and or attacks. The player can choose from Seraphim, Safiri, Ancarian, Khukuri, and Malakhim. Each characters armor and weapons are different and have the capability of being upgraded.

(All characters shown in order)


Just by the look of the enemies that your player comes across of gives you an idea of how powerful they and the amount of health they have which is good so in a fast pace game you can target the enemies that fit your strategy. There's an option for just slicing and dicing your enemies or add a technique to it which is a much smarter approach. Sacred 3 is not just button mashing, it takes focus and strategy to efficiently pass the missions and boss's. The story is very interesting and what adds to it is the new occurring boss's to the different worlds that you advance to. The worlds are very big and the graphics are just simply crisp and amazing on the Xbox 360 which I got a chance to play Sacred 3 on. On PC the graphics are phenomenal and will not let and PC user down. As for the controls they are pretty basic and during a battle you get hinted what buttons or keys to hit. All the buttons A/B/X/Y and X/O/Square/Triangle are the attack and defense buttons. Left stick is movement and right stick is toggle through your item wheel. LB or RB or L1 or R1 are Light and Heavy Combat Arts. Also during a battle against many Ashan Empire minions the combos and techniques are easily to use which will give the player no problem. With Combat Arts you can upgrade through Light to Heavy then there is Co-op. There's very few Combat Arts to select but when you Equip it you can go through the upgrade tiers. When upgrading it will take a certain amount of Gold and level requirement. For your hero they can have upgrades to your liking in any order. Next is Skills and Equipment which contain Defense moves and Passive modes. Equipment has Armor which levels up and adds a new layer to your hero. It opens up opportunities to new weapons which also have rankings and you can upgrade to make them more dominate then they originally are. After defeating enemies they may contain Spirits which are called weapon spirits and you can select one to be your weapon spirit during battles.

Gameplay of the first mission I recorded

When playing Co-op your team will not be overpowered as each one of your allies will have limited skills that will still give you a challenge against enemies. Although four player combos on co-op will be a great advancement for you and your allies to decimate the Elite's or boss's. Sacred is known for it's co-op gameplay as that's what it is best for. Using your role playing character with allies who are on the same missions to defeat the missions. A major key to this game is leveling up, there is no better noise in the game then hearing Ding! which means you have reached your characters next level. Getting to the next level means you can upgrade your Heroes special skills and armor which will be a huge advantage when you beat different levels. As you play in the world you collect gold by killing elite enemies/bosses/or opening treasure chests which are scattered around the worlds. They are easy to come by because they would either be on a side road you can travel down which is highly noticeable.