All of the people who bought the Xbox One for the exclusive game titles are beginning to find out that those games aren't so exclusive anymore. With consoles not adding up to what they were hyped up to be, it's no surprise that this happening. Dead Rising 3 was the first to be ported over to PC and now it's time for Ryse to come to the dark side of gaming.

Crytek has decided to release the game as a digital download that will include all the DLC. They also teamed up with their co-publishing partner Deep Silver to design the boxed version which will be made available in retail stores. They will both be available sometime this fall for $59.99. On the PC version, Crytek upgraded Ryse to the 4K resolution it was intended to played be at, which the Xbox One couldn't handle. “4K gaming is another leap in graphics quality for PC gamers and Ryse is the perfect showcase for what’s now possible in high-end PC games," says Carl Jones, Director of Business Development at Crytek. With all of the advancements in PC technology, Crytek wanted to let everyone know what they are capable of and also let fans know that they haven't been forgotten, despite recent media claims that I discussed in my previous article.

What's included in the DLC:
  • The Colosseum Pack containing two character skins and two Arena maps.
  • The Mars’ Chosen Pack containing one new character skin, four Arena maps, and the new Survival mode.
  • The Duel of Fates Pack containing two character skins, two Arena maps, and one additional Survival map.
  • The Morituri Pack, with three new Arena maps, two Survival maps, and five solo Arena maps.
As an added bonus, PC players will also have instant access to the Ruins multiplayer map and the “Legionnaire’s Trust” sword which were supposed to be apart of the special edition of the game.

Will you be playing this game in 4k?