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Rust Developer Announces "Riftlight", Fans Angry

So, if you haven't heard the news already, Facepunch Studios has announced as of yesterday they have been working on a game called Riftlight. Riftlight is a "twin stick shooter with RPG elements for the PC." The game is still very early in its development stages, and it probably won't be available for release anytime soon. It will feature co-op play, as well as a "re-playability" feature. This feature will allow you to go through certain areas of the game multiple times, changing every time you would choose to replay it. The whole plan for the feature is to make it to where the layouts, the missions, and the sections within each level are completely random.

Riftlight is supposed to contain things you would see in a RPG, such as loot, character levels, and talent trees. The game will also contain three classes; currently named Ranged, Caster, and Melee. Each has their own abilities, which will have advantages, as well as disadvantages. Ranged is your typical shooter class, with plenty of ammo and neat little things here and there. Caster is what you'd probably expect, the "magical" class. While they do damage, they can also get taken down very easily. The last class is what you wouldn't expect in a shooter. You cannot shoot, however you do have a "close ranged energy beam" that shrinks and grows every time you do damage with it. There are also supposed to be abilities and talents available with each class, as well as for each couple of levels you earn. Obviously the special abilities, whatever they may be, will have some sort of cool-down timer so the game doesn't feel too overpowering. Riftlight also isn't going to be just black and white space, it's going to be a very colorful and interactive game.

Fans weren't too happy when the news was released yesterday afternoon. You have to keep in mind that Facepunch is also the studio that's currently working on Rust, an MMO survival game that was inspired by other games, such as Minecraft and DayZ. The fans were in outrage that Facepunch was already currently working on Rust, which is currently in its pre-alpha stage, yet they decided to start production for another game. Garry Newman, the founder of Facepunch, released a statement earlier stating that it's "not out of the ordinary for a studio--even a small studio like Facepunch--to have multiple games in development simultaneously." He also went on to state that the money earned from Rust and Garry's Mod are going towards the development of this game, and that "the more we continue to work on, the better." Rust is still in development, and Newman even created a Twitter page for the game to keep fans updated on everything.

Newman also stated that he wants to release a version of Riftlight as soon as possible to get feedback from players who seem even the slightest bit interested. He also wants to add in new enemies, improve the multiplayer for the game, and attempt to improve the overall loot drop of the game. When the version will come hasn't been decided yet, but keep in mind this is simply a beta to see if anyone would be interested in buying it in the near future.

What are your thoughts about all of this? Do you think Riftlight will live up to its expectations?

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