Runescape 3 release date announced

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    Well well well, it looks like RuneScape -arguably one of the best MMO's of all time- will finally be getting another update, this time to RuneScape 3, on July 22nd. The biggest improvement will be no more java requirement as it moves onto HTML5. The java client will still be supported, but HTML5 would be the better way to enjoy the game. The move is good for a couple reasons; one of those being the constant dangers with java that many of us have read about over the years. From viruses to malware, such worries may finally be gone with this update. The other key part of the update is a major graphics overhaul that will allow players to bring the camera down from a top down view, to being at character level.
    Another thing being introduced will be community focused events, which I imagine will be like 'Fates' in Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn and random encounters in Guild Wars 2, that'll be used to try and bring everybody together with a similar goal. What it actually is remains to be seen, but the update should be something to look forward to nevertheless.
    What i'm curious about is how many of you played RuneScape when it first came out? How many still play it? Does this update excite you at all or have you moved on from it? Personally I moved on from RuneScape a long time ago, but still log on periodically just to see what's up and the changes they've made. Feel free to comment and discuss this below :smile:


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