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Rumor: Possible Star Fox and Metroid Hybrid in the Works


Rumors are known for their uncanny proliferation throughout society, but few can meet the caliber that a Star Fox and Metroid hybrid can fabricate. The two memorable and stellar game franchises may soon meet an ideal matrimony with satisfied reverberations bouncing from gamer to gamer and wildly positive reviews. Originating from a report from the Paul Gale Network, the Star Fox and Metroid hybrid is the brainchild of Retro Studios, a studio which is well known for their development on the Metroid series since 1998. Despite how this may sound like a game only found in an utopia of incessant fascination, many are actually believing this game might be a reality in the coming years as Retro Studios consistently teases gamers by saying they are working on a project that "everyone wants them [us] to do." However, as with any rumor, there is a bonfire of criticism that the news report and the rumor altogether is nothing more than a fantasy that has taken grasp of reality, an opinion created in consideration of several factors. The predominant factor fueling the criticism is the fact that such a game incorporating two tremendously popular Nintendo icons in a massive and epic game has never been done before. Nevertheless, the Paul Gale Network happened to snatch a lengthy list of details concerning certain key aspects of the hybrid which will be disclosed in an abridged list format. The full list can be viewed at the rumor source at the end of this article.

The story begins as you control Fox McCloud and the Star Fox team on deep space mission in your Arwing, flying through a Meteos-like stage. As you enter a light speed warp, there’s a collision with an orange ship (Samus’) and the game continues with you now plummeting to a planet as Samus in her craft. You’re in mild control of her ship, using the Wii U controller to look around and touch screen press the lit up buttons to prepare for impact (while the TV stays locked on what you see out of the cockpit).

You’re now on land, as a “yet again” stripped down Samus Aran with the most basic of weapon abilities, in first person perspective, traversing through this unknown planet.

The game switches off between intense Arwing space and planetary battles as Fox makes his way to the planet that Samus crashed on and a Metroid Prime-like experience of gameplay as Samus on this planet, gradually uncovering its mysteries, leveling up, etc.

The Star Fox stages represent what the series is best known for, including the chatter and coming to the aid of the rest of your team, all range mode battles, and on rails stages.

The Metroid part of the game puts you alone, void of human or any talking character contact, and like the Prime series, sees you gaining upgrades, battling bosses, and in this case, repairing your ship.

The game is said to be epic in size, scope, ambition.

The pacing has been perfected to not interrupt what the feeling is behind either franchise, since Star Fox is more often known for being acceptable to have short sessions with and Metroid rather the opposite.

You can opt to continue playing either just Samus’ part or Fox’s part without crossing over for much of the main game (or play it as it’s scripted back and forth), but will eventually have to complete both, as the characters will ultimately meet up.

Though a tentative title, the idea behind the story of “Fusion Saga” is both a play on the fact that the two series are fusing together into one game and of course, a storyline behind Andross using Metroids to enhance himself, his army, etc.

Aside from being a hybrid that will absolutely have Nintendo fans drooling over their new Wii-U's in anticipation of accessing the fascinating mettle this hybrid may offer both gamers and the gaming industry, this possible hybrid may be a door buster to many new possibilities. Should this hybrid ever become a reality, one could expect hybrids stretching from a Paper Mario and Zelda hybrid (which would compliment one another superbly) to a Kirby and Donkey Kong hybrid. This trend could eventually transcend brand boundaries and give Sony and Microsoft certain ideas for possible hybrids. Ultimately this hybrid, should the rumor eventually elude its limitations and transform into reality, will do more than satisfy a couple Nintendo gamer's realities and make the 90's generation smile. It will effectively set the gaming industry into a possible course for a peaceful track for healthy mergers of video game characters in an effort to please the consumer.

Mind you that this hybrid is a rumor and nothing more. If it should lack the label 'rumor' in the near future, expect an explosion of fanfare and plenty of media exposure throughout the Internet. If it shouldn't, then we will sadly have been teased with a sort of holy grail of a game. In my own opinion I would seriously consider purchasing a Wii-U to relish in a game that combines the core mechanics between two brilliant franchises into one epic game. Additionally, as a supporting reason, my childhood included plenty of game time with Star Fox and Samus, although I prefer Star Fox and his crew over Samus. I would enjoy the hybrid simply because of the feature of being able to play as both Fox and Samus in the same game. This game may sound too good to be true, which is why most people are saying the hybrid is nothing more than a rumor, but why wouldn't Nintendo indulge in a niche in the gaming industry that has been untouched in its entire history? This hybrid would have so many positive aspects that attempting to weigh it down with cons would likely amount to a fool's errand. Nintendo, you may be hitting on something that will at the very least bring you beautiful and magnificent returns.

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