Cellar Door Games updated its action-platformer Rogue Legacy this week, the first major patch for the game in four years. In addition to expanded language support, the developer added brand-new gameplay features to Rogue Legacy, which first launched in June 2013.

Rogue Legacy is now playable in English, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese. Cellar Door also added cloud saves and mouse rebinding.

In terms of content, Cellar Door added two new traits: Clonus, which gives your character “the shakes,” and Prosopagnosia, described as “you are bad with faces.” Boss remixes will now only spawn in new game-plus runs, and a new donation box feature will let players power up their heroes before remixed boss fights.

Finally, a new achievement has been added: Thanatophobia, which requires players to beat the game in 15 lives or less. That’s no mean feat, but Cellar Door is letting players who have previously acquired 100 per cent of Rogue Legacy’s achievements unlock it with a cheat.

Source: Polygon