Rocksteady, whom were the driving force behind the incredibly popular prequel of the Batman series, Arkham City and Arkham Asylum, have announced today that they will be enrolling a fourth installment to the series which will be suitably named 'Arkham Knight'. Rocksteady have revealed that the new game will feature much more jaw dropping moments in which they hope will revitalize the game causing it to be "10 times more popular than the previous games".

According to sources, a series of new features will be accessible for the first time, these include the formidable Batmobile and an area of Gotham City which has yet to be explored by gamers. Rocksteady have also stuck to tradition and kept the familiar foes in which Batman has fought in previous games including the likes of Penguin, Scarecrow, Harley Quinn and Two-Face, giving the game a much more recognizable face for its fans to indulge on.

Arkham Knight was revealed earlier today accidentally by UK games retail company 'GAME' as a listing was placed for the game on their website. The listing was only available to view for around 20 minutes as it was removed by the company due to its premature release, however what was noticeable was the consoles in which the game is compatible on and its release date.

It is now confirmed that the game will be compatible on a multitude of consoles, however most importantly it will be released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Another iconic feature in which GAME had let slip was the release date in which featured on an advertisement placed on their website. The advertisement banner claims the game will be released on the 14th October, later this year.

The trailer has also been released earlier today on Warner Bros YouTube channel, believe me, it's worth a watch.