Rockstar Responds to Grand Theft Auto Mod Bans

Yesterday, three central members of the team behind the FiveM mod for GTA V got their Rockstar Social Club accounts blocked, effectively banning...
  1. Sparfire
    Yesterday, three central members of the team behind the FiveM mod for GTA V got their Rockstar Social Club accounts blocked, effectively banning them from playing both single player mode and online multiplayer. They went to the support forums to question the ban, as it was unclear what the punishment was for. They felt the work on the mod should be allowed, as it only affects single player mode and not GTA Online, which we all know Rockstar has a zero tolerance for.

    The project, which allows users to play GTA V with custom multiplayer modes on separate servers from Rockstar's own, has been active for a few months now. Under the impression that they were operating within the boundaries of Rockstar's ToS, the creators announced the mod to be safe and something that would avoid any repercussions from Rockstar. However, today it was confirmed that the bans were issued as a result of the FiveM mod, and that it certainly does violate Rockstar's policies:

    "The FiveM project is an unauthorized alternate multiplayer service that contains code designed to facilitate piracy. Our policy on such violations of our terms of service are clear, and the individuals involved in its creation have had their Social Club accounts suspended."

    So no matter how careful these modders were, trying to work within the present limitations, it seems they made a big mistake by creating a server framework that might allow connection for players using pirated games. Rockstar has made that perfectly clear now.

    Source: PC Gamer

    If you are using this mod, you might want to be careful.

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  1. Dev62
    Yo do we use this site for mods
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    1. RaVe Retraxzz
      Its not completely for mods. It's more of a community of gamers.
    2. ExodusGen
      The modding section is nice though
  2. slyguyy
    Kek, banning players for modding when that is literally the reason why games like Skyrim and Fallout 3 are still relevant.
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    1. Keeley Hazell
  3. Unreal thug
    Well ain't that some bulls*** u can do whatever u want on console listen why would they sell modded Xbox when there gonna banned u like we its so bull what a waste of money when u can't do fun **** on Xbox n other console .
    1. Aeora
      You obviously don't know how modding on a console works.
  4. gaieth
    how do i get mods on my gta 5
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    1. Sj money
      Download it or look up dns codes
  5. RaVe Retraxzz
    Well I feel bad for them since they weren't trying to mess with people. See, Modders that play for fun just like myself shouldn't get banned. Yes I know on the license agreement not to tamper with games or the system but srsly come on...
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    2. GTA 5 Modder
    3. Sj money
      What system doin use
    4. RaVe Retraxzz
  6. Azekial
    I don't mind the modder that upgrades my car freely for me/spawns some cool stuff, but I DO mind, the modder that sprays me with enough money to get me banned for eleven days, because I can't exit out of the transaction screen long enough to exit my game :^(
  7. phillip smeryk
    GOOD MODDERS,,,,,, HOW EVER BAD MODDERS SHOULD BE PUT IN A BAD spots LOBBY,, OR HAVE THER OWN LOBBY CUS THEY f*** IT UP FOR OTHERS.. HERES 1 FOR YA YOU GET KILLED BY SOME TOSSER i.e,, modder, but you kill them and it comes up that they TOOK THE EASY WAY OUT ,,,, it pisses me off x9
    1. GTA 5 Modder
      ur just jelly cause u poor in the game. BTW im a modder and people that I meat, literally die for modders
    2. Kpatriots8
      No your not you just say that to seem cool your probably a 5 year old who plays gta 5. First off it's obvious because you didn't spell MEET right. Like come on. *gta modder
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  8. The Irish Assassin
    If rockstar had given us any form of customisable lobby system etc, this wouldn't even be happening. It's understandable in terms of piracy but damn, chill a little and let the people be creative if you can't.
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  9. Keeley Hazell
    Modders are gay so yay Rockstar! Let them complain
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    2. GTA 5 Modder
      really? Im a modder and I like girls... Use gay for the right term.
    3. Keeley Hazell
    4. Colytonwarrior
      Dear me Keeley, at least come back with a mature response, that's playground talk. Your the type of person that would finger a modders a** for money, but if no moneys on offer you'll cry off and suddenly we're terrible people and 'ruin it for everyone' or Gay! as you would put it.
  10. xZ07x
    To me I really don't like R* nor do I like GTAV. I'm starting to lose patience with R*.
    1. phillip smeryk
      gta is a bad mans game you dont know what your missing
    2. GTA 5 Modder