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Rockstar North's Boss Leslie Benzies Has Officially Resigned

The man that's been running the Grand Theft Auto series for two decades, Leslie Benzies, has officially left the company for good. Rockstar has...
  1. Jacob Frye

    The man that's been running the Grand Theft Auto series for two decades, Leslie Benzies, has officially left Rockstar for good. Rockstar has confirmed this to Kotaku, stating that Leslie Benzies was on paid leave from the company for the past seventeen months.

    Leslie Benzies joined the gaming industry back in 1999 where he was a programmer for Nintendo 64. He soon moved on to join Rockstar, and worked on the Grand Theft Auto series that has become a cornerstone in the gaming world since its very first installment. Leslie has been through the ups and downs with Rockstar, but he's always had a positive attitude when it came to the company's needs.

    Since Benzies will be leaving, Rockstar will be moving on without him steering the way forward. It was rumored around the time of the official release for GTA V that he would be leaving, but Rockstar didn't want to announce it since the game was doing really well in sales. When Kotaku asked if Leslie ever came back from his hiatus Rockstar responded by saying,“We can confirm that Leslie Benzies went on sabbatical on September 1, 2014, and has decided not to return to work for the company." They go on to mention how he's done tremendous things for them, and wish him the best for the future. Now, Rockstar North will be led by the veterans Aaron Garbu, and Rob Nelson. These two guys have been part of Rockstar for many years, and are well-known art directors for Rockstar's major releases. All in all, I'm looking forward to see what these two bring to the company, and where they take it after Benzies' departure.


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    Jacob Frye
    I enjoy writing. :cigar:


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  1. Kendalli420
    Abit controversial that
  2. Acro
    I'm scared to see what Rockstar North brings to us next.
  3. Hamzakid
    That's like loosing Steve Jobs in Apple :frown:
      Homework likes this.
    1. Homework
      I agree. It feels like the world is over now.
    2. TheItalianLad
      but in reality you won't tell the difference ^
  4. NZXT
    That's too bad, but Rockstar has this GTA thing on lockdown so I'm sure the game and its successors will continue to be just as good.
      Phantom Menace likes this.
    1. LemonMan
      i justhope they don't mess up with their next game
  5. LemonMan
    Dan And Sam Houser made the game
  6. Clutch Clear
    All the people who've been playing the Gta series for ages and have no idea who Leslie Benzies is... :banghead:
      NukeColaMoDz likes this.
    1. Modder v7
      His name pops up from time to time in PR BS. That's mostly how I know him.
  7. Modder v7
    I now wait and see...

    Will this be an improvement or a setback?
    1. Jacob Frye
      Probably an improvement in my opinion.
    2. Modder v7
      We shall see.
  8. 3xTiNcT
    And... Another article of someone leaving a company. Never heard of him but sounds like he did quite a lot. I'm sure GTA will still be good without him.
      Phantom Menace and NukeColaMoDz like this.
  9. Pyroman
    Damn, I have no Idea who he was before this article, but I hope the GTA series still holds on good.
  10. Stonerzard
    I'm sad to hear this. I wonder how the next GTA will go, I doubt it'll drop in quality.