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Rockstar Is Allowing Singleplayer Mods And "Investigating" Extra Peripheral Support


Many gamers patiently waited for Grand Theft Auto V to come out on the PC. The launch was rather successful and definitely made a lot of gamers happy. However, there were still a lot of questions left unanswered about the PC version of the game. For instance, Rockstar’s stance on modding was unknown and there were a lot of questions about support for extra accessories. In a recent post on Rockstar Newswire, Rockstar has finally answered some of these questions.

Even before its release, one of the biggest questions about the PC version was what the mod support would be like. Unfortunately, the game does not openly support mods. There is no SDK or tool Rockstar supplies that allow users to officially create mods. Despite this, modders found a way to get trainers, cosmetic mods, and various LUA scripts working in both single player and online.

Ever since these mods have been released, there has been numerous conflicting statements about what mods you can use and whether using them in single player can get players banned. The statement Rockstar made on Newswire finally clarifies their stance on modding.

Rockstar claims they “have always appreciated the creative efforts of the PC modding community.” While there is a clear “no modding” policy in the licenses of GTA V, they have not, and will not, be banning players for using mods in single player games. Unfortunately, it is still unclear how the anti-cheat system works, so it is still a good idea to make sure you do not have any mods, including FOV mods, installed when going online.

In addition to clarifying their take on modding, Rockstar also gave some hope to those who wish to use steering wheels, joysticks, or other peripherals in GTA V. Rockstar claims that they are “investigating to see if [using these peripherals is] possible in a future update.” Rockstar also mentioned the Oculus Rift, but did not seem to clarify how they will adapt to VR. As of now, there are some 3rd party tools, such as x360ce, that can be used to enable different controllers, but it is entirely possible Rockstar sees them as modding.

For more information, including upcoming DLC news and PC features on consoles, read the full Rockstar Newswire post here.
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