Rockstar Games Release New Mode, Double RP & GTA$ for GTA V

GTAV fans will be happy to hear that another mode has been released for the popular multiplayer game. Inch By Inch will feature Double RP and GTA$...
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    Rockstar Games
    continues to try and impress fans today, as they released another gamemode for their online multiplayer today. Named "Inch By Inch," this brand new team-based adversary game mode consists of two teams; each challenging one another to carry a package to their opponents "end zone" to score. The player that is carrying said package cannot use their weapons, which means they will have to rely heavily on their teammates to get them from one end to another. The player can, however, use a "burst speed" which grants them temporary running speed that's faster than normal. Teammates will be the biggest key to picking up the victory, however.

    There will also be Double RP and GTA$ granted for players that decide to play the new game mode. This will only last until April 14th, so players that want it need to get in now. No official gameplay videos of the mode have been released, however, there has been several fan made videos since its release this morning. In addition to the new game mode, another car was released for Benny's Orignal Motorworks garage. Players can now purchase the Vapid Minivan and customize it at the garage, from inside and out. A picture of a player's already customized van can be found below.


    To top it all off, it is Adversary Mode week on GTA V. There is a massive sale at Ammu-Nation this week on all weapons and armor, due to the mode being out earlier this week. As with all updates that have been released recently, they will only be released for next gen consoles. Xbox 360 and PS3 will not receive this update.

    What do you guys think? Will you be hopping into GTA Online and playing the new game-mode? Let us know in the comments below!

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