Psyonix's Rocket League is receiving a big update today that adds a new map, additional cars, and more.

The AquaDome update, as it's called, will go live later today, Psyonix said in a news release. The update introduces an underwater arena called the AquaDome and updates the look of the Hotshot and Road Hog vehicles. There are also new customization items with an underwater theme, as well as seven new achievements/trophies to unlock. All of this is free.

In addition to the free content, AquaDome adds two new paid cars called Proteus and Triton, which are available for $2 each. There is also a new "Champions Series III" crate, which players can open with paid-for keys. A portion of the proceeds will go towards funding Psyonix's competitive gaming endeavors.

Psyonix added that the AquaDome update will also introduce some "in-game refinements and adjustments." These were not specified. The AquaDome website states that the update's patch notes are "coming soon."

Rocket League's AquaDome update follows September's launch of the over-the-top Rumble mode, which stirs things up by introducing a series of power-ups. Psyonix has said it has "aggressive" DLC plans for Rocket League, so AquaDome may not be the game's last expansion.

In September, Psyonix announced that Rocket League had reached 21 million players, up from 20 million. However, sales are nowhere near that mark, standing at around 7 million by the developer's latest count.

Source: GameSpot