Rocket League Update 1.34 is coming this Wednesday, May 10, and players will get the chance to compete again in a familiar arena, with a new battle-car and new upgrades.

"Your feedback has been heard! Neo Tokyo is back," publisher Psyonix announced today on its Rocket League website. Neo Tokyo has been redesigned to remove the parallel ramps on either side. It makes its return as a standard arena in all playlists, as well as Competitive and Private matches.

The old version of Neo Tokyo, first introduced last year, will be available again too. Renamed Tokyo Underpass, it will be playable in offline and Private matches only. It replaces the existing Underpass map, which will be moved out of the rotation as of this update.

If you loved the Batmobile in the 2016 Batman v Superman DLC, get a look at the new battle-car about to hit the game. The Mantis is "fully customizable and has an all-new look, but it uses the same low, flat hitbox, and turn radius as the Batmobile."

The Mantis is only available as a limited-drop inside Rocket League's new Nitro Crate. In addition to the battle-car, this new crate contains limited-drop wheels, decals, Rocket Trails, and Black Market customizations (get a sneak peak at them in the gallery above).

The last thing Psyonix is revealing is a new framework for in-game items tied to their new real life Mini Pull-Back Racers, announced earlier this year. Due to hit stores in June, Rare and Very Rare racers will have unique codes in them that you can redeem for sets of in-game items.

Psyonix is promising more changes in the update, which hits the game Wednesday, May 10 at 3 PM PDT (6 PM EDT).

Source: GameSpot