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Rocket League Confirmed for Release on Other Platforms


After its release on Playstation 4 and PC last month, this game literally rocketed (pun intended) to the top of the charts, surpassing five million downloads in that short period of time. Now, in an interview with Gamezone, and a separate statement to Gamespot, marketing VP Jeremy Dunham first officially confirmed that developer Psyonix was looking into releasing Rocket League on other platforms. Then, changed the original probability of the first statement, to say that it is "absolutely, one hundred percent, being ported to other platforms." He also said that the main reason Rocket League has only been made available on two platforms was because their team was incredibly small, only having eight to twelve people working on the majority of development.

While the exact platforms have yet to be mentioned, we can all assume that Xbox One is a strong possibility, while the odds of it being ported to last generation systems such as Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are a bit lower, we can't rule them out completely.

Psyonix recently announced Rocket League's first DLC 'Supersonic Fury', which will consist of two new cars, and five new paint types, along with addditional wheels and boosts. More on that here. They've also said towards the end of July that there would be a substantial update "in a few weeks" containing Rocket League's first free map. Read more about this update here.

Rocket League DLC Patch Now Available, New Map & Spectator Mode Included
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