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Rocket League Coming to the Xbox One Next Week

Rocket League was one of 2015's biggest titles. The game has been blessed with a huge fan base and it continues to thrive through regular content...
  1. Crooks

    Rocket League
    has been out for quite some time now. It was initially released back in July 2015 for the PC and PS4. It has since received a few major updates which have brought in some additional content to keep the game fresh and fun. Rumors about the Xbox One edition of Rocket League have been circling around since it was first released, but we have now been given a definite release date.

    Players will be able to experience Rocket League on their Xbox One starting on February 17th, or in other words, a week from now. The Xbox One edition of Rocket League will also come bundled with a few exclusive themed cars that relate to the Xbox. It will include a Gears of War and Halo car to represent some of the bigger Xbox exclusive titles. All three of the previous DLC packs will come packaged with the game, this doesn't include the Back to the Future DLC.

    A key element that Rocket League will be lacking is the fact that the game will not support cross-platform play like the PS4 and PC editions of the game do. No additional information has been provided as to if this feature will ever become available, but chances are that it will not. You will be able to pickup Rocket League for $20 USD starting on February 17th. What do you think? Will you be purchasing this game? Leave your thoughts below!


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  1. AlienFreek01
    Awesome I've been wanting to play this a lot
  2. 3xTiNcT
    And... of course I won't be around when it finally releases.
  3. Skepta
    This should bring me hours of fun! Can't wait.
  4. NikkiBear
  5. SSL
    Xbox One owners can pick it up for $19.99 on February 17
      Coal, Gardzz and NikkiBear like this.
  6. HuskerHeaven
    Bout time. Been asking for this for awhile.
      Pepe Le Pew likes this.
  7. Master
    I have read so many good things about this game. I have the game for 360, but I haven't played it yet. Maybe I should give it a chance.
  8. _ _
    1v1 Gardzz , I've seen some competitive game play on pc. Can't imagine what this will turn out to become on nex gens Xbox 1.
  9. Mushrooms Man
    Can't wait for this!!!
  10. Gardzz
    Cannot wait to get this game!