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Rocket League Championship Series Announced with Twitch Partnership


Psyonix, the developer behind the contagious sports game Rocket League, has announced an exclusive partnership with Twitch and a competitive Rocket League Championship Series. As eSports continue to grow in popularity and feasibility, the potential for a competitive game such as Rocket League to take off grows larger and larger.

On top of broadcasting the Rocket League Championship Series, Twitch will also be organizing the competition. They'll be assisting Psyonix by managing and overseeing the Rocket League Championship Series to ensure that it runs smoothly. Twitch's Director of eSports Operations, Nick Allen, commented on the partnership and the commitment of Twitch users vying for official competitive Rocket League.

“The Twitch community has collectively rallied around Rocket League to help it achieve organic success on our platform. By working with Psyonix to build an official professional league around this grassroots phenomenon, Rocket League’s legions of players and fans can potentially turn their passion into a career.”

The Rocket League Championship Series will start its first official season on March 25 and all players need to do is register in teams of three to take part in the championship. The season will last for about three months, with the total prize pool of the championship dishing out $75,000 to the winning teams. The championship will be played on both PC and PlayStation 4, with Xbox One support coming at a later date.

After forming teams, players will participate in the open qualifier matches and then take part in a group stage, where each team will compete for a spot in the online finals. The team that wins the online final match will get a part of the prize pool, with each online final round giving $10,000 to the winners. A second round of qualifiers will then take place, following the same structure that leads into another online final round. After a break, the international finals will take place and will be broadcast live via Twitch. The team that wins the international finals will take the rest of the prize pool, a whopping $55,000.

For information on how you can join in on the championship, check out the official Rocket League Championship Series website.
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