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RIP will be a new FPS/MOBA game that will allow early access on October 31st, with the full game being released in the Summer of 2015. Most of you will ask me what's different with this game compared to other FPS games. On most FPS games, the more you upgrade your characters, buy new items, level up and the better your gear, the easier things will be. In RIP this will not be the case. If you want to win, you'll need to have good teamwork and rely on your own personal skills.

Every character you choose to create in RIP will be different, according to Axyos Games. With a lot of games not having that many customization features that let you give your character a real unique personality, this is definitely something a large amount of people will be happy about. You can customize the following this about the characters that you create:​
  • Character movements will be customizable using MoCap Motion Technology. Thanks to MoCap, movement done in animations will be a lot more realistic than in other games.
  • Characters will of course, also have their own appearance options. There are plans to use 3D-Scanning to make really charismatic characters.
  • Every character created will also have their own voice patterns. This will be accomplished by having different voice synchronizations from different people.
  • Some characters will have their own unique interface.
These customization features definitely sound different that a lot of games that have come to pass. From what Axyo Games has described about the entire customization engine, you can definitely take away that they're aiming to let everyone get their own personalized experienced whilst playing. Axyo Games also said: "Every single character will have one passive and active skill plus one ultra-skill. All the characters will be created basing on various criteria, such as body-build,equipage ( light, normal, heavy), the role in the game ( protection, support, attack) and specifications (sniper, gunman, minesweeper etc.)"

The surroundings of each map will be changed depending on the place that the map is set (for example Siberia, Bolivia, NY). On the maps there will be flash drives that may bring profit to your team, or some flash drives will open access to special and rare weapons, also you will be able to exchange currency to the main player of your team to support him or even support the team. There will be a Raid Boss which you will need to cooperate with your team to defeat.

Most games of our time have AI/NPC's to help you along your journey. Whether it be killing your enemies, or simply providing support towards your over all goal. RIP is going to take a different approach towards AI/NPC interactivity during the game.
Initially there are no NPC characters planned, because we are for the game where your character fights with another real character, not an artificial intelligence. However , there will be special items for support characters, and robots will be among these items. They will be mainly serve exploration functions (stationary and dynamic robots)- spy quadrocopters and exploring crawler-type spy robots consequently. Alike to MOBA games robots will play a role of WARDS (special equipment for opening and observing the actions in certain places on mini-map)

Finally there will be Clan Mode which you enter a 2D world with its own countries, borders, capitals. You will be able to click on the cities to see the enemy bases or see their building. You will also be able to spend in-game currency to build buildings for your team's city. The more buildings you have the more profit you will get that can be collected daily for your team.

This is why RIP is not an FPS game like the others. In my opinion I cannot wait for this game to be released and I would totally play it because it is not like your every day FPS games.


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