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Riot Games Announces Plans for Upcoming Dragon Champion in League of Legends


During the Chinese qualifiers for the League of Legends World Championship in 2013 Riot Games released a concept art for a new champion named Ao Shin. The champion would be the first of 129 playable champions to take the serpentine form. Little information was released about this champion until now, when Riot Games broke the radio silence by informing us that the Ao Shin project has been thrown away and replaced with a new champion.

The silence was broken by a developer from Riot Games on the game's community forum. The developer said that lack of information was a "mistake" on their part and that they mistakenly increased hype by not releasing more information on the champion after the concept art was released.

Riot said that they ran into many problems during the development of Ao Shin including creating a kit of abilities for him to use in the game, as well as the character lore and finding a place for him to be relevant in the conceptual aspect of the game. Another big problem they ran into was actually creating the dragon shape in the game without running into game mechanical issues.

It was just announced, however, that they will still be delivering a dragon themed champion, it just has a different name and lore. They announced that in the first half of 2016 that they will be releasing a new champion named Aurelion Sol to replace him.

What are your thoughts on the new champion? Should they have just finished the Ao Shin project, or are you happy they tossed it because of all the probable bugs? Let us know in the comment section below!

Sources: Polygon, Riot Games
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