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So a few days ago, Mafia 3 came out and I decided to pick it up on my way home from work. I stopped at EB Games and was going to purchase a...
  1. Resonance

    So a few days ago, Mafia 3 came out and I decided to pick it up on my way home from work. I stopped at EB Games and was going to purchase a standard edition but the salesperson asked if I wanted to get the Deluxe version instead. "It's got the Season Pass." he said in a tempting manner and after a few seconds of thought, I caved in.

    I got home, opened up the case, had a look at my new poster and steel-bound book that came along with the deluxe edition, and proceeded to insert the disc into my console (I am a PS4 user). Familiar music began to play, which I'd heard before in the game's announcement trailers - I had already started to feel like I was in for a treat. As someone who hadn't played any of the previous Mafia games, the whole storytelling sequence captured me straight away and I didn't feel out of the loop at all. Everything was easy to comprehend and I could understand what was happening and why it was happening. The game's narrative sequences were impressive and I found myself appreciating the work that Hangar 13 Studios had put into the game.


    Getting into the actual gameplay I found myself struggling a tiny bit with some of the unconventional controls. As a long time Grand Theft Auto 5 player, I was under the assumption that controls would feel similar. You have access to a weapon wheel just like Grand Theft Auto 5 where you can choose your weapon of choice. Anything to do with interaction, however, like speaking to characters, opening doors, or getting in and out of cars, you only have a single button for that.

    The game emphasises a stealthy combat system where you can take cover behind things, distract enemies to lure them closer to you, and then you snap their necks. Yes, you read that correctly. This game is not meant for the weak stomached. It features gruesome combat animations that will satisfy your needs to graphically execute those that stand in your way. The overall movement system feels fluid and I haven't run into any particular glitches or bugs.


    Vehicles! Cars! Let's talk about them now. Again, comparing this to Grand Theft Auto 5, I feel like the driving is quite up there in regards to giving the players a realistic feel. There are also two different driving options available in the menu, Arcade and Simulation. Simulation mode seems to make your car feel a bit heavier and harder to steer compared to Arcade mode. I also believe it's slightly easier to drift in Simulation mode as well, so for all you car enthusiasts out there, you'd probably want to switch to this mode for a true driving experience. You also have the ability to ram other cars should you need to. What this does is give you a temporary boost of speed to direct your car towards whatever you would like to ram into, most likely an enemy car.

    I haven't progressed far into the game or played it long enough to know the extent of the weapons that I'll be able to use or the cars that I'm to get. But for now this was my first impression of Mafia 3 and after paying 130 AUD ($99 US) for it, I'm glad it's been a positive experience for the majority of it.

    Are you planning on getting the game? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Stoner
    I'll get round to buying this game at somepoint but I can't wait till I do mafia is a great game :biggrin:
  2. OverLord Beaner
    I heard that it was GTA 5 just with diff controls and it was a bad game is this true?
    1. BreakdowN
      No and no.
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    2. OverLord Beaner
  3. Amnehaze
    I have not yet played Mafia 3 but it looks like an amazing game overall, I have watched the trailer for it and it looks like my kind of game and almost looks as though it has a 'The Godfather' kind of feel around it.
    1. M0B5TA
      get ready to be disappointed
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    2. televisedfool
      It's a good game.

      Great story, atmosphere, mechanics and is very easy to get lost in the immersion.

      The one and only gripe I have with the game is it's very repetitive after you take your first or second district. But the story and cut scenes you get in between all of it makes it more then worth it.
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  4. coolbunnymodz
    I love that you still have an EB games near you, the nostalgia is fantastic.
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    1. Resonance
      Not near me haha. There are a couple in the city though!
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    2. Nate_Dogg618
      I thought eb games was no more??
    3. Zelk
      Depends on where you are, in America it's called Gamestop, but in Canada, Australia and Europe it's still EB Games.
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  5. CallummL
    The game compared to it's predecessors isn't that good. I feel the game is lacking quite a lot. You can't change your outfits, you can't customize your vehicles, something which you could do in Mafia 2. It baffles me to think why they wouldn't add these features in. The fact the game is very unstable in the way it looks is also a disappointment. In some lighting the game looks incredible, yet at other times it just looks awful. The weather and time transitions are also terrible. In addition the game is very repetitive, go take this racket over, lure out the boss, kill the boss etc etc, oh and can I also point out there is the same stabbing animation for all these bosses? I don't know if anyone else has noticed either, but in game currency feels quite useless to me. The only things you can buy are pretty much your guns and ammo, but even then you can pick up anything from the many mobsters you kill. Not to mention you need to build relationships and do favors for your under bosses to unlock things like grenades. I definitely don't feel like a mafia boss when I play this game and it's sort of disappointing. I feel you've missed a lot from your review and by what you've wrote at the bottom is seems like you rushed a bit of game play, got a rough idea and wanted to be the first person to right a Mafia 3 review.
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    2. CallummL
      I've not looked into it, but someone told me they're adding fixes for the graphics and adding more things to keep us busy in game. However I feel it'll be too little too late. I think they should have delayed the game and done some more work on it. I can see once I've beaten the game I'll not really touch it.
    3. M0B5TA
      everything you said is exactly how I feel. I feel like im playing a freakin saints row game. I had high expectations because Mafia II was so amazing.
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    4. Keeley Hazell
      They said they're working on car and outfit customization that's confirmed. CallummL I saw them respond to a Facebook comment about it.
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  6. Pinch
    If you have played Mafia 1 and 2, then you'll realize this game is a disappointment. The story has holes, it's incomplete and the overall game is bad. This looks like something Hangar 13 put together over a weekend.. maybe I should give it some time, but the story for me just hops right in it, too fast. I don't understand a **** because suddenly a guy from CIA shows up.. but I guess then, I should finish the game and ask questions later.. heh. 6/10 I'd rate this game.
  7. Killjoy666
    Can't wait to buy this game :smile:, I have few other games I haven't touch yet but it will go into my gaming pile.
  8. Modder v7
    @ Author, would you say this game feels at all linear? Or would you say it is more open free roam style?

    I would have appreciated it if you added this to your review.
    1. Resonance
      I feel it currently has a good balance of both. You do have the open world for you to explore but at the same time, I'm more drawn to doing the missions to uncover the storyline. Even while you do missions there are a lot of possibilities to how you can go ahead and approach it. It's all up to the players style whether they want to go guns blazing or be stealthy.
    2. Modder v7
      Sounds like a good balance. Thank you.
  9. Absim
    I have been enjoying the game however compared to its predecessor, it has been quite the dissapointment. The game feels much more restricted than Mafia 2 especially in terms of customisation. I really thought as this was a step backwards and feel this isn't a true successor to mafia 2.
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  10. NumberedSalmon
    'I haven't progressed far into the game or played it long enough to know the extent of the weapons that I'll be able to use or the cars that I'm to get'

    Why write a review before you've even completed the game?
    1. Resonance
      Because this isn't an arcade game that you can finish in a day or two. I had a taste of the game and I wrote what I thought about it.
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