Respawn Announces New Titanfall Game

Respawn has announced a new Titanfall game for smartphones. The mech-based multiplayer shooting game will be making its way to iOS and Android...
By Aydind · Oct 31, 2015 · Updated Oct 31, 2015
  1. Aydind
    Respawn has announced a new Titanfall game for smartphones. The mech-based multiplayer shooting game will be making its way to iOS and Android devices within 2016, due to a multi-year partnership with free-to-play game company Nexon. Mobile developer Particle City, a studio founded by Respawn's founder Vince Zampella, will develop the new game.

    Respawn already has an existing partnership with Nexon that will bring a free-to-play version of Titanfall to all PCs across Asia. Respawn also said that they still have big plans for the series and are currently working on a Titanfall sequel, which won't be console exclusive and for Titanfall 2 which Respawn has confirmed is in development.

    There hasn't been any details about what form the Titanfall mobile games might take, but Zampella stated that the first will not be a first-person shooter. Though it will take the gameplay in a new direction." Respawn and Nexon stated that the new mobile games will "deliver a high-quality game experience."

    Titanfall launched last year for Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360 and for the most part had positive reviews, although its lack of campaign was criticised. On just Xbox and PC, Titanfall reached more than 10 million players. PlayStation 4, iOS and Android players, prepare for what Respawn has in store.


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  1. HariK06
    Hi Aydind! I personally believe that this is great news for all of us mobile gamers. It’s now time for all major developers to embrace this new and heavily expanding market. As proved so many times now, it’s where the profits actually lies! Titanfall will certainly do well on smartphones and tablets and I will definitely be looking out for it!
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  2. HowAmI
    Well we already know how this will end up Titanfall was garbage
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  3. 3xTiNcT
    They're going to need some big improvements... Not surprised it wont be console exclusive.
  4. Ephemera
    Playing on PlayStation, I never had the chance to experience the game, will see reviews of the sequel before I even think about buying it.
  5. sixty4
    Titanfall looked like a really good game, but the hackers, boosters, and the annoying jetpack **** happening 24/7 ruined the game/
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    1. HowAmI
      No such thing as "Hacking" in a game and there were not modders as the security was too high for it to be mods for a ,ong time
  6. Shenmue
    Titan fall sucked ****....
  7. televisedfool
    I really wish they would just drop the Titanfall IP and work on something else, It really was not a good game and felt exactly like just about any other fps game.

    The genre has been played out and overused, it's time to look into something else.
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    1. Itachi_Uchiha
      See the thing about fps's is you dont want too much "uniqueness" the reason I hate the new call of duty's is cause of their "uniqueness" more or less theyre changing too much stuff. Simple arcade shooters shouldnt be this advanced insane game with a million stupid mechanics..
    2. Salus
      People will complain about anything bro, can't have simplicity and can't have uniqueness because people will complain about either
    3. Salus
      And by look into something else what would you recommend? televisedfool