Resident Evil Zero HD Release Date Announced

Good news for all you Resident Evil fans out there! Capcom has just announced that the high-definition remake of Resident Evil 0 will be released...
  1. Thelema
    Good news for all you Resident Evil fans out there! Capcom has just announced that the high-definition remake of Resident Evil 0 will be released on January 19th, 2016, coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

    Originally released in 2002, the popular Gamecube classic has sold over 1.2 million copies. Resident Evil Zero will be making an exciting comeback, all for an affordable $19.99. Or, if you’d like both the prequel and the remaster of Resident Evil, it can now be purchased as part of the Resident Evil Origins Collection for $39.99 which is planned to go on sale January 22nd.

    Although Resident Evil 0 isn’t as popular as the Resident Evil Original, Capcom has given the entire game a completely new look. This means a huge graphical upgrade which can be seen in the comparison shots below. Besides the graphical improvement, Capcom has also added in an updated control option, and is introducing 'Wesker Mode,' which will allow you to play through the storyline as none other than Albert Wesker.

    Those who choose to pre-order Resident Evil 0 will receive an exclusive costume pack which will include a Wolf Force costume for Billy, and a cheerleader costume for Rebecca. Unfortunately for Xbox 360 users, the pre-order content will not be included with your purchase. However, the content mentioned above will be made available for all other platforms.


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  1. zlReborn
    OK I understand Resident Evil 7 (hopefully it comes out)... But Resident evil 0?
  2. handsfromhell
    my best resident evil was re4 also the first re1 when it first came out ps1 hours of fun and scare
    1. zlReborn
  3. GrandTheftAutoV
    Got my pre-order in, Don't miss out on the RE2 remake also :biggrin:
  4. 3xTiNcT
    As nice as it is to see games with newer graphics I'd still rather play the originals.
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    2. zlReborn
      Tbh HDTV or not I still rather play the originals such as ( Resident evil 4,5,6)
    3. 3xTiNcT
      Exactly, they just have a better feel. Plus the original controllers.
    4. zlReborn
  5. Inkd
    I was a huge Resident Evil fan growing up, but I would rather them focus on creating a new game instead of redoing this, because I strongly dislike both the graphics and the mechanics of the older RE games.
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    2. Inkd
      What??? I love Revelations 2. Smh. I could sit down and play it for hours.
    3. Kayla Fox
      The ending gave me cancer XD
    4. GrandTheftAutoV
      RE6 was ****, Revelations 2 is repetitive and got boring fast!I can always go back to the classic's and be satisfied . Capcom is also remaking RE2 :wink:
  6. Kayla Fox
    Niiiiiicce. I loved this Resident Evil game as it was really fun to play :3
      GrandTheftAutoV likes this.
    1. zlReborn
      Resident evil is always fun to play :smile:
  7. televisedfool
    I'm definitely buying the Origins collection :thumbsup: Some good ol' classic resident evil in HD.:biggrin:
      The Finders Cult likes this.
    1. GrandTheftAutoV
      I also pre-ordered RE HD and enjoyed the graphics, So im just waiting on 0 :wink: