Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps Announced

Today, Capcom has announced a brand new Resident Evil game titled Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps. The game will be an online multiplayer game only,...
By God · Sep 16, 2015 · Updated Sep 17, 2015
  1. God

    Today, Capcom has announced a brand new Resident Evil game titled Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps. The game will be an online multiplayer game where players will battle against each other in competitive modes in a fight to the death. The game will focus around quick intense matches from historic Resident Evil environments, so fans of the series are sure to have a bit of nostalgia from the old games.

    The game will be a competitive team-based shooter with unique game modes such as the intense One Life Match mode where players only get one chance per round to take out the other team. The enemy team won't be the only threat players will face. Each map will be populated with zombies that players must kill or avoid in order to protect their own lives. The game will also feature an analog aim and cover system, which will allow for flexible yet precise height adjustments when players lean from cover to allow better controlled gameplay for every player.

    Last but not least, the game will also feature special gear and weaponry designed to have a Resident Evil taste to them. Some of the weapons revealed are: The No Brainer, which is a powerful melee axe which drives straight into opponent's skulls; the Tactical Shield, which is an arm mounted guard that allows players to utilize zombies as cover; Terrain Spikes, which are boot mounted spikes used for brutally stomping on other players; and the Zombie Jammer, which is a device which repels and zombies on the map from your vicinity once activated.

    Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps will be released digitally early 2016 for PS4 and PC for $29.99.
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  1. Cloudie
    Wow.. PS4 with another great exclusive.. I wish I had a PS4.
    This game seems like it has some potential. I am a heavy Resident Evil fan so hopefully, I get to play the game when it's out.
    1. JoinTheResistance
      It's not an exclusive, it says it's also going to be available on PC.
  2. cold blue
    i really hope they do a good job on this residnt evil umbrella corps because i am a big resident evil fan
  3. Red58
    I think this game will be a lot of fun if:
    1) Capcom makes this game right
    2) Players actually work together instead of running off and doing their own thing
  4. Jet1337
    I saw the japanese trailer on youtube last night. It looks dumb as hell and it seems Crapcom is trying to dig into the action-shooter genre for more money after RE:ORC failed. Seems like they can't do anything right with RE these days. If the RE2 remake fails, I'm done with them.
  5. Skype
    This looks so sick... Can't wait! Im gonna love this.
  6. keepitoriginal
    Hmmm interesting , wonder how this will be
  7. televisedfool
    And the nails to Resident Evil's coffin keep getting pounded in..

    R.I.P Resident Evil 1996 - 2009
  8. MRnix69
    Now this sounds freaking cool thanks for sharing:smile: