The game’s free add-on is all about the gunplay

In our first look at Resident Evil 7 biohazard’s next piece of downloadable content, Not a Hero, series stalwart Chris Redfield is back to business as usual. Capcom dropped a gameplay trailer for the upcoming free episode during this year’s Tokyo Game Show, and it’s sure to be a familiar sight to longtime Resident Evil fans.

In Not a Hero, players will assume the role of mercenary Chris Redfield, a mainstay since the early days of the franchise. The DLC’s events follow the end of the main Resident Evil 7 campaign, but they’ll follow a much different storyline. Redfield will be shooting up a new threat of zombies and other ghouls, different from those who took care of protagonist Ethan Winters during the base game.

Watch above for nearly three minutes of some old-fashioned zombie-killing, all at the hands of Chris Redfield. First announced as a spring release, Not a Hero will launch on December 12th, 2017 after a lengthy delay. It will arrive alongside another add-on, End of Zoe, which will mark the end of Resident Evil 7’s season pass. Capcom will also release a Gold Edition version of the game that includes all available content that same day.

Source: Polygon