Earlier today, Capcom finally announced the official remake of the old classic survival horror title, Resident Evil 2. Fans of the series have pushed for this to happen for a while, and in April, a fan took matters in his own hands and started working on a remake himself. His work gained a large following of fans and even caught Capcom's attention. A few months later, Capcom reached out on Facebook to ask for their fans' opinion on an official remake.

The original Resident Evil 2 launched on PS1 back in 1998 and was later ported to PC, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast and GameCube. It is understandable that a remake will take some time, and according to producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, we won't see any details any time soon. It is safe to assume that we will be getting a complete remake of the original game built for modern platforms, so Xbox One, PS4 and PC players can look forward to updates as the development progress.

"It's been great to see so many positive comments from fans that have pushed the project to get approved, the team here at Capcom Japan really appreciates fans' passion and support and will do our best to bring fans what they really want."

As expected, there was no mention of a release date, but to ease the wait fans can look forward to Resident Evil 0 HD, a high-definition remaster of 2002's GameCube horror, due to release on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in early 2016.