Reddit in Complete Chaos after Important Admin Gets Unexpectedly Fired

At one point, Digg was the site that everyone used to go on. Unfortunately, they made the tragic mistake of turning against their user base. After...
  1. Monopolyman
    Victoria Taylor (aka /u/chooter)
    Earlier this year, an obscene amount of drama took place on Reddit. After the CEO, Ellen Pao, decided to censor /r/FatPeopleHate for arbitrary reasons, many users were in complete disgust with her actions. It didn’t take long for the frontpage to be filled with hate towards Pao and her actions. Recently, even more drama started to take place as many large subreddits make themselves private.

    The drama all started with the firing of an admin, Victoria Taylor (aka /u/chooter). The biggest problem with Victoria being fired is that she was in charge of organizing a majority of the AMAs that take place on Reddit. /r/IAmA moderators were completely unaware and unprepared for her getting fired. As a result, they made their subreddit private and explained, “we need Victoria. Without her, we need to figure out a different way for it to work.”

    Since AMAs take place all over Reddit, /r/IAmA was not the only sub that got negatively affected by Victoria leaving. For many subs, Victoria was the main line of communication between the moderators and the admins. She was also the only person who knew how to contact the people who were going to answer the AMAs. Due to this, many other subreddits, such as /r/books, /r/music, and /r/science started to go private. A moderator of /r/books said, “This seems to be a seriously stupid decision. We have several AMAs upcoming in /r/books and have no idea how to contact the authors.”

    As time progressed, more and more subreddits started to go private. These subs didn’t necessarily go private because they couldn’t operate without Victoria, but because they wanted to protest the actions taken by the admins of Reddit. A popular message that these subreddits are trying to convey is that the communication between moderators and admins of Reddit is completely broken. A moderator from the popular todayilearned subreddit said, “[The recent actions] illustrates the disconnect between admins and the moderators they depend on. It showed disrespect for the people with planned amas, the moderators, and the users. A little communication can go a long way. There's so much more than that, but one thing at a time.”

    Communication isn’t the only issue moderators have. For quite some time, they have felt like they are highly undervalued by the higher-ups of Reddit. Moderators do most of the dirty work to keep Reddit in order, yet they are rarely compensated for their work. Admins have also never supplied mods with all the tools they need. In turn, they often rely on third party software, like /r/toolbox, to fulfill their moderating needs.

    Even though the bulk of the drama has already unraveled, there is still a lot of shady things going on with the Reddit admins. Firstly, people started to investigate why Victoria may have gotten fired in the first place. As IBTimes points out, it’s likely because she was unwilling to leave New York and she was against the commercialization of AMAs. Additionally, Reddit admins seem to not be taking this issue too seriously. /u/Kn0thing made a post saying, “Popcorn tastes good,” showing just how entertaining he finds all of this to be. Finally, admins have locked /r/pics moderators out of their own subreddit. Now, /r/pics is one of the only default subs that has yet to go private.

    After all the drama with /r/FatPeopleHate and now this, it seems like Ellen Pao is taking Reddit down a slippery slope. Google trends shows that many people are already in search of a Reddit alternative. If things don’t start to change, it won’t be long until Reddit mimics the death of Digg and becomes a site of the past.

    If you wish to voice your opinion on the actions of Pao, check out this petition that is attempting to get Pao to step down. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that this petition will actually result in direct actions. However, it’s still a great place to convey your concerns.

    Since this story is still ongoing, I recommend checking out this list of private subreddits, this live feed of events, this /r/OutOfTheLoop recap, and /r/Blackout2015. I will try to update this article if anymore major developments take place.

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  1. GrndImprlWizard
    Its a fine article. Thank you for posting.

    Let the flamers flame.
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  2. bigtyme
    Never used Reddit before, but find it's sad that there is negativity toward a censored FatPeopleHate. Can someone tell me what that was used for? Because if it was solely used for what its title is, hating on overweight people, then people in there need some help.
  3. 3xTiNcT
    Interesting funny story, sounds like a lot of drama.
  4. Persistence
    I don't like Reddit and I believe everyone on there is whinny little degenerates. I don't feel this topic belongs on the site. I don't really care much to be quite honest tho, I just hope that you'd do the same if something to this extent of importance happened on 4Chan.
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    2. Persistence
      ^^^^ I rest my case.
    3. Dazee
      You rest your case? What I said made perfect sense but the fact remains, you're trying to generalize an entire community based on a select few amount of people when you compare it to how many members are active on Reddit. I'm done replying though 'cause it's clear your way of thinking on this matter is hilarious, and isn't going to change.
    4. Stonerzard
      Ignorance sure is bliss, huh?
  5. Holy Jesus
    Ellen Pao is the root of all these problems. She's trying to make the site a more advertiser-friendly platform so she can sell off the multi-million user base and pay off the debt she's in.
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    1. VeritasEvil
      Chances are the dept includes Student loans. Ha
  6. VeritasEvil
    What do you expect from people never connected to the consumers they are Providing for?
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  7. pvris
    Who cares tbh
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    1. Dazee
      Pretty sure more people cares about this article more than your comment that doesn't offer anything except for discrediting Monopolyman and his hard work. A lot of people on here use Reddit and they mightn't have seen why a lot of the sub-Reddit's are down.
      ^couldn't have said it better. The article was very well written, I appreciate it, keep up the good work monopoly.
  8. JimLahey
    I remember reading an AMA little while ago, where an employee was fired for having leukemia. smfh
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  9. Chazay
    /r/all is hilarious right now. Kind of glad I've been out of town and missed all of it.
  10. Shenmue
    I dont even understand how to f*cking navigate around reddit the site is total aids anyway.
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    2. Joshy
      Still surprised this made it to 7s Homepage.
    3. Night
      Dazee we get it, you like Reddit. No need to defend it on every single comment, jesus.
    4. Dazee
      It's not whether or not I like Reddit, it just makes me laugh seeing people say some dumb sh*t like "everyone on Reddit are degenerates."