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Red Dead Redemption Will be Backwards Compatible on Xbox One Starting this Friday

A few months ago, Red Dead Redemption made its way to the Xbox One for a very brief period of time before being abruptly removed. According to Major Nelson, a few games in testing were accidentally made available, and Red Dead was one of them. About five months later, Major Nelson and Rockstar Games have officially announced that Red Dead Redemption will be available for Xbox One Backwards Compatibility this Friday, July 8th.

At the same time of the backwards release, the game has gone on sale for $7.49 as part of the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale, so there should be no surprise if every Xbox One owner picks this game off the shelf this weekend. For those that own the original game, Undead Nightmare or the Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition, the game will be backwards compatible no matter which version you own. If these DLCs are not in current possession, however, they are still available at their full price. As with all backwards compatible games, if you already have the game, you don't have to buy it again.

Back in February, the game actually performed relatively well on a polished scale, with a few frame rate dips in some busier parts of the world, so it will be interesting to see how much the visual palette of the game has improved over the past six years and the hardware upgrade. Now that all testing has been finished, these frame rate issues shouldn't be a problem for players anymore.

You've known that it's been coming for a while, but does this confirmed (and quickly approaching) release date give you excitement, or hope for a possible sequel? Type away in the comments below!

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