One of the perks of pre-ordering Red Dead Redemption 2 is that you get a digital treasure map that shows the locations of "secret buried treasure" throughout the world. If you're interested in this perk, you have to pre-order soon. Rockstar is only giving out the treasure map to those who pre-order by August 15, which is coming up very, very soon.

The treasure map is only available for digital pre-orders from the Xbox Store and PlayStation Store. There are no other details available about what kind of treasure you'll find, but Rockstar says you'll find "hidden riches" in the single-player world; the map is for single-player, not multiplayer.

In addition to the treasure map, all digital pre-orders come with a "cash bonus" for Red Dead Redemption 2's story mode. It'll be enough to purchase a weapon, food, ammunition, and "a handful of useful items," Rockstar says. What's more, pre-orders come with a War Horse that is more courageous and has more stamina than normal ones. You also get the Outlaw Survival Kit, which includes things that boost your stamina and Dead Eye meters. These bonuses also apply to pre-orders of the game's physical editions and do not appear to be expiring yet.

Source: GameSpot