Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Players Will Have First Access to Some Online Content

Red Dead Redemption 2 players on PlayStation 4 will get "first access to to earn select online content," Sony has announced. In a post on the...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 players on PlayStation 4 will get "first access to to earn select online content," Sony has announced. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, the platform holder said the deal was part of a partnership with developer Rockstar Games.

    "Following up Grand Theft Auto V--one of the most successful entertainment properties of all time--Rockstar is set to return with Red Dead Redemption 2, the latest entry in the Red Dead series of games. And there’s no better place to play it than PlayStation," reads the post.


    Sony's vice president of PlayStation Brand Marketing, John Koller, said Red Dead Redemption 2 is "handcrafted to take full advantage of the PS4" and promised "more details soon" on the exclusive access PS4 players will have in the game.

    The announcement coincides with the release of the first Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer. While the video doesn't provide any story details, or answer that burning question of whether it's a prequel starring John Marston, it did showcase the impressive game world.

    There also seemed to be a hint at a connection to the first game, which came in the form of a narrator that sounds a lot like Dutch van der Linde, the character Marston is pursuing in Redemption.

    Rockstar has promised a "brand-new multiplayer experience" for Red Dead Redemption 2. It remains to be seen what the online mode will entail, however. Red Dead Redemption featured online multiplayer gameplay, but it was a separate instanced mode where a limited number of people could play together. Since then Rockstar has seen success with Grand Theft Online, which is much larger in scope and content.

    Source: GameSpot

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  1. Master
    This is a really good promotion for Sony. I don't support diversity between gamers, but I admit that this will give Sony a little elavation over Microsoft. Having a little head start to earn the select online content isn't much of a big deal. I just can't wait to immerse back into that world. :thumbsup:
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    1. CobrasCurse
      It sucks that exclusive content ever became a thing but yea it is def a win for sony securing rdr2 especially if they do a decent looking LE console to go with it
  2. CobrasCurse
    I cannot wait it will be a nice new mp experience that will hopefully carry me away from GTAO
  3. Snubway
    This exclusivity **** is getting old. I have a gaming PC with friends I like to play with, I have a PS4 with friends that play PS4, and I have an Xbox that I play with different friends

    For the love of god, stop doing this console exclusive bull, it has been slowly and carefully worked into the gaming market starting back in 2006, and it's a trend that likely won't stop.

    Gamers seriously need to make their voice heard; put aside the petty differences, pick whatever console you like, and get all the content at the same time when it's supposed to be released.

    If there was like PS4 themed camo pack, and an Xbox One camo pack for CoD, and you could get it for whatever console you pre-ordered on, and that was the ONLY difference, I would have no issue, that's an example of representing your fandom and giving the company some extra pocket change to make more content (Although Activision definitely does not need any more cash lol)

    Having these multi-million dollar contracts to physically take pieces of games away from the "opposing" console players is ridiculous.

    Hats off to Bethesda, One of very few companies to not offer exclusive access, time-gated content, or any other form of "Console superiority" type content. Bethesda actively pushes for equality, as seen by their attempts to make modding capabilities fair & equal on both PS4 & Xbox.
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    1. Salus
  4. televisedfool
    Big score for Sony securing a deal like this with arguably the biggest game of 2017. I imagine this partnership entails plenty of blue branded advertisements and RDR2 bundles.

    Sure, it's going to be great on xbox and scorpio. But there's no denying that partnerships like this push consoles and copies. It's great for Sony, great for Rockstar and great for gamers on ps4 or those looking to score a limited edition console.
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    1. Snubway
      Mass Effect Andromeda
    2. televisedfool
      Mass Effect and Bioware don't have anywhere near the following as RockstarGames and their IPs.

      It might be your game of the year, but it's nowhere near the most popular.

      And yes. Being popular doesn't make a game good. But this is Rockstar we are talking about here. They don't make bad games. Hell even their table tennis game was good for its genre.

      We are talking about the same company that released a title that was and still is a monopoly all on its own.

      Mass effect is a hell of a series. I'm looking forward to Andromeda. But I already know what game is going to dominate 2017 upon it's arrival and for years to come if the online environment is anything like GTAO.
    3. Keeley Hazell
      I don't think partnerships really push sales but that's just my opinion. Sony could have all the contracts in the world and I'd still go for an Xbox One. I like my Gears of War and Halo >:smile: