So I have finally removed the dust from my reviewing hands, and decided to give my latest and greatest headset a little review. Having little luck with headsets in the past, I thought I owed it to this one, as it has took me by surprise for the few days I have owned it. I hope you enjoy the review and I hope this settles you if you are thinking about buying this specific headset.

As you can see by the illuminated green banner at the top of this page, which can be seen in the darkest of times, it is a Razer gaming product. The guys and gals over at Razer have never failed to bring cutting edge and great technology to the tables, and they strive to supply their customers with the top and the best of the line produce. Made by gamers, for gamers. It's even their motto.

So let's get straight into this, we have the Kraken Pro gaming headset. Along with it's fabulous colour, and iconic name, there is a few things I would like to discuss. First I would like to discuss the materials it is made from, most of the headset is plastic, but does seem very flexible and tough. Even with the plastic, it still looks premium and professional and that is credited towards the black mesh on the ear-cups, the black leatherette ear paddings and also the green leather headband.

At each side of the headset you have adjusters which can fit basically anyone, whether your head is big or small. It can also fit when you are wearing a snap-back, baseball cap or even a beanie. When it's time to pack the headset away you will find there is a slight hinge on each side to allow the ear-cups to fold in and become a little more compact.


The black ear-cups are designed to cover your ears, so you are immersed in the action when you are gaming, but after a few hours you start to notice them being there a little more than you would like, they get warm and depending on your ears a little in the way. But they are still very comfortable compared to other headsets I have tried. The Kraken Pro's weight about 290g, so as you can tell, they won't be the lightest headset you can get, but you wont notice it too much. It's not like you will feel a great pressure on your head and your neck. Which im happy about.

Next we have the boom microphone, it tucks nicely into the left ear-cup so when you don't need it, you wont see it. Which is a great little feature. Also it has great flexibility so you can have it how you desire. With a little test on Skype, and running my voice through Audacity it seems that the quality of the microphone is actually pretty good. I was surprised as I have heard for a few people that it was pretty bad. I now have to disagree with them.

Not only can you use this for gaming, but by detaching the cable half way down, you are greeted with a 3.5mm audio jack, that allows you to connect it to your smartphone of choice. My one complaint would be the lack of the in-line remote. So you cannot change the volume or mute the microphone, but that's a very small problem, as most keyboards these days have built in volume controls so it's just as easy to change the volume.

The last specific I would like to point out is the 40mm drivers in each ear-cup, these have been heavily tuned for bass, so if you're listening to trap, dubstep or drum and bass you will have a great time. Even when playing games, when you get into high intense action you can certainly feel it, it really does take me by surprise. But the only fault with the audio quality is when the music is toned down, or the action has stopped. You kind of feel like there is a slight muffle, but that is only when you dedicate yourself to find it, and find a fault. If I just use this normally, without going to review stage, it seems near perfect for me.

So there was my review, and I can honestly say I enjoyed writing it. This headset is a work of art to me, I really enjoy the Kraken Pro and I am glad I have it. With a mix of comfort and quality it is great product, and Razer keeps surprising me.

Price UK (Amazon): Around £60
Price USA (Amazon): Around $60
Colours Available: Green or Black

Thanks for reading.