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Razer Announces the "Console of the Future"


Razer, the current leading company in high performance software, just announced the "Console of the Future" at the Google I/O Press Conference today. According to Google, it is powered by Android TV, and can stream music, movies, and many other apps. But, with the gaming industry the way it is, Google wants to take a different approach and focus more on the gaming aspect of it. And, there is no remote control, either. You simply download a mobile application that allows you to take complete control onto any Android Smartphone or tablet. Not only that, but it also has complete voice control, so you don't always have to use your phone as a remote.

Razer also said in a statement that "it incorporates not only hardcore and casual gaming, but music, movies, and other entertainment and social applications, all on an affordable system." But, the term "affordable" must be used lightly, as a price has not been released yet for the platform. However, I can tell you that it won't be a cheap peace of machinery, as all of the features that come pre-loaded on the Razer console can keep you entertained for hours. What's even better, is that the team that is currently working on the console is also the same team that made the gaming edge Razer tablet, as well as the PC Prototype "Project Christine".

What's actually inside the console itself, you may ask? Well, that information has also yet to be disclosed with the public. But, you're not going to have to wait centuries for this to be in stores, as the device will be launching this upcoming fall. An accurate release date has not been released, but my guess would be mid to late October and early November. The picture above is the only picture so far of the console, and it almost looks like a version of the Roku box.

So, what are your thoughts on the supposed "Console of the Future"? Do you think that it'll live up to its supposed name? For me, personally, I'd love to hear more information about this, as not much has been given at this point and time. I'd also like to hear what games will be available for this.

Source (For Both Pic and Information)
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