Razer Announce Tournament Grade Xbox One Controller

Razer have made a huge announcement showing off their latest gaming goodie, the Razer Wildcat. The Razer Wildcat controller is a tournament grade...
  1. Alex

    Razer have made a huge announcement showing off their latest gaming goodie, the Razer Wildcat. The Razer Wildcat controller is a tournament grade Xbox One controller designed specifically for eSports, whether you're an eSports gamer or enthusiast this controller will surely grab your attention.

    The Wildcat boasts a handful of great features that will make every users gaming experience somewhat unique to their playstyle. The standard triggers feature adjustable trigger stops along with detachable multi-function triggers on the back of the controller, these are like the paddles found on other premium controllers offered by companies such as Scuf. Located in between the stock bumpers you will find two fully customisable multi-function bumpers. The multi-function triggers and bumpers are remappable using Quick Control Panel. Located at the bottom of the controller you will see a Quick Control Panel which is used for assigning and creating custom profiles as well as audio controls for the headset attached via the 3.5mm jack.

    As a nice little bonus there is a 3m braided USB cable which features a breakaway cable and is fully removable. Two more optional extras included in the box are rubber palm grips and analog stick grip caps.

    With a mixture of plastic, aircraft-grade aluminium, and high carbon steel the controller is said to be 25% lighter than other tournament controllers on the market today. Min-Liang Tan, CEO and co-founder of Razer had this to say about the controller, “The Razer Wildcat for Xbox One is the third generation Razer Xbox controller and the result of years working with eSports athletes on many prototypes. The lightest tournament-grade controller in its class with additional remappable buttons gives gamers an incredible edge.”

    To be released in October 2015 the Razer Wildcat will set buyers back $149.99 (€179.99).

    To any eSports players out there, does this controller interest you? Let me know in the comments sections below.

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  1. BurnedVader
    dont see how a controller will help you boost your gameplay, mouse yes but controller is just stupid
    1. (-_-)
      You don't have to lift your thumb sticks so you can aim and sprint 24/7.
    2. BurnedVader
      it doesnt make a difference, especially when you are used to the normal controller
  2. slyguyy
    XD Oh Razor you really try don't you..... It's so easy to con uninformed 12 year old's who cry to their mothers for the newest so called "tournament-grade" garbage.
  3. Wavy
    I like this more than the Scuf equivalent, but less than the Xbox One Elite. Time will tell, I will watch reviews and buy one of the 3 depending on that.
  4. Stonerzard
    Wait what eSports are on Xbox after next year? Literally CoD is the only one and it's switching to PS4 lmfao! I reckon we'll see a boost of these over the years, professional grade mice are better and optimize performance alone. Let alone a professional controller!
  5. 3xTiNcT
    That price tag though... I don't think it's worth it.
  6. Red58
    I always wondered what was so great about these kinds of controllers. Personally, I usually stick with stock game controllers since they usually work fine.

    Admittedly does look pretty cool and has different features but to me $150 seems like a lot, lol.
  7. Criptek Shinobi
    Don't know about anyone else but I just want the Xbox Elite controller but with a Razer design.
  8. Salus
    Elite controller will stomp over this like it will to scuf
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  9. Alphabet
    Possible rival for the xbox elite controller? Both about 150$, but I find the razor controller better, I kind of have a feeling it'll be better.
    1. Arxhive
      Why, the brand name? I suppose you enjoy Beats by Dre as well.
    2. Alphabet
      Lol not at all, I don't like Beats by Dre either. I don't know why I just have a feeling. Then again, it all comes down to research, watching and reading reviews.
  10. Jet1337
    I saw this article the other day. The thing that Razer and Scuf fail to get right is the actual quality of the WHOLE controller. The analog stick guards of these two don't have the metal rings to prevent the gradual wear of the analog sticks like the Elite controller has.

    Being a person who hasn't used one of these before, I question the convenience of the extra bumpers on the Razer controller. I think the paddles on the Elite will be easier to get used to, as I've had experience with the FPS Master Controller.

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    2. Shenmue
      Hahahahha i was about to say the same :x3:
    3. Lucien Lachance
      It's called the Rage Boomerang. It comes back to your face to knock some sense into you when you throw it at the T.V..
    4. Jet1337
      It's the FPS Master Controller for the Xbox. It's probably the first controller to have paddle-like buttons. I never saw any other controller of this type back then. I had one back in 2004, probably when most of you were pissing the bed. Who am I kidding, you guys still probably piss the bed. lol