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Raymond Cox Reaches 1,000,000 Gamerscore


At approximately 2:35AM EST on March 13, 2014, Raymond Cox reached 1,000,000 Gamerscore points. Such an accomplishment is only dreamt of by most gamers, and there are only a handful which can even talk about coming close to. For those of you who may not know how Gamerscore works, it is the total number of points a gamer possesses earned by completing challenges, each worth a set number of points, from all of the games the gamer plays. Gamerscore began with the release of the Xbox 360, has carried over to Xbox One, and also has been integrated into certain games for Windows and Windows Phone. Over the 8 years of Gamerscore being around, no gamer has ever been able to reach 1 million points until now.

Raymond Cox IV is better known by his Gamertag, Stallion83, which also serves as his Twitter and Twitch username. According to his website, his goal to reach one million had started back in November of 2005. Over the years, he racked up Gamerscore by playing a diverse scale of titles anywhere from Battlefield 4 to Lego Marvel Super Heroes across the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows, and Windows Phone platforms. That being said, the game Titanfall, was the title which would be used to get the final points needed to reach 1 million. To be specific, goal-reaching achievement earned by Raymond was the "I like a Challenge" achievement, which requires the player to destroy a Titan as a ground pilot with a rocket launcher.

Although Cox is already a Guinness World Record Holder, claiming to have the highest Gamerscore on the planet, his record will probably be updated by his recent milestone reach. The record on the books he currently has was from when he broke 700,000 Gamerscore two years ago. As for how Cox's future looks, he has certainly left a legacy. During the earning of the last few achievements needed for the milestone, Cox video-streamed his gameplay. In the aftermath of his accomplishment, Cox said that he wished to tell his future grandchildren about how he became the first to reach 1 million Gamerscore. He also went so far to claim he did not feel like he will try to reach 2 million Gamerscore points. During the process of attaining his goal, Stallion83 received lifetime Xbox Live Gold Membership, got to meet are fair number of people in power in the gaming world, and without a doubt took his gaming to a level of superstardom.

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